Chucking The Clock Out Blog 15/04/2023

I’ve been very quiet as of late due to a few things clicking into place.

I’ve had a week of realisations & seeing cycles which will be broken.

I’ve been pondering & meaning to write this blog for the past week as I’ve felt inspired to.

I found myself this week longing & chasing the next moment (waiting for my partner to finish work & come home). I noticed myself counting down the hours from 5hrs til he finishes to 2hrs then to 1 hr then 15minutes.

Then I thought………

What had I been doing with the full 8hrs since he’d been away?.

Other than the usual day to day tasks.

What had I actually been doing?.

8hours is a long time to do the day to day tasks then sit & watch TV.

It’s got me thinking in these moments that once the day to day tasks had been done. That I could of been doing something more productive instead of watching the clock every so often.

It’s the same theory when it comes to looking back at the past.

How many times have each of us looked back at happier past memories?.

I wonder how much time we’ve spent looking back or forward instead of being present in the linear time space which we’re currently present in.

Will we look back fondly at the moments we clock watched or will we be more productive in each new moment.

As the old saying goes *Time flies by when you’re having fun*

By all means get the everyday tasks out the way but make time/moments of joy, creativity, wonder, learning new skills, meditation, mindfullness, exercise, spend time with your loved ones, go for a walk in Great Mother Gaia etc.

Time isn’t linear.

In this moment.
This now moment.
This present moment.
This moment of BEing.

What will you create?.

What will you look back fondly on in later moments.

Will you look back at a memory which happened years ago?.
Or will you look back with pride & joy over a moment you experienced that very same day?.

Taking your family/yourself out for the day in the sunshine.

Or will you agonise over what you wish you could of done differently.

The choice is up to you.

For me, I’ve decided to go about each new moment with a brighter out look with high vibes sprinkled in.

The wonder of each new moment which is before us.

What a marvellous state of BEing.

As a dear one has said “We’re exactly where we’re meant to BE”.

I Love You.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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