Dedicated To A Guardian Angel 26/04/2023

Its crazy how the years/time passes. Yet you can remember a moment like it was yesterday. Like the event was frozen in time & etched into your memory.

Though the physical vessel of those we loved is no longer here. The love we feel is felt in both the physical & spiritual realms.

Love never lessens, it intensifies.

It can be felt in both.

By the tears we shed (water energy & the potency).
The love we feel in our hearts (that sacred centre energy).
The smiles we beam when we remember a happy memory (joy & happiness high vibe energy) & love (the most powerful energy of all next to enlightenment & gratitude).

Our loved ones may have left the physical realm. But they never left you.

Speak to them (whether by thought or spoken word).
Ask for guidance (you’ll either intuitively know the answer or you can ask for a sign).
You’ll feel them (warmth or goosebumps) you can ask them to touch you (eg- arm, hand, shoulder).

They never left. Neither did the love.

Spirits aren’t contained in churches.

They’re all around.

Like a loved one told me long ago when he was doing tarot readings “the Spiritual Realm is a few inches above ours”.

Spirits are all around.

Your loved ones never left you.

Whether you talk to them daily in your own home or visit the place where they are on sacred ground. Or whether you prefer to go to a church/temple.

They are always with you.

And the love never died.

It became a connection between both realms.


I love you. I know you never left. I know you’re closely by your 3 children & watch over them. I know you’re close by advising & guiding those who seek your help & whom go to your children for help. I know your wisdom is passed on though each word they speak & each person they help.

You helped me long ago & I’ve never forgotten the guidance, support, love, wisdom & the face you must of made when I was cutting single string beans instead of cutting them in a bunch 😅. Or the time I told you I went without heating for 2weeks instead of changing a battery. I still remember you even when someone is seeking advice. I can remember what you’d say “I told you!” when I went against your advice 😅. Many lessons were learned.

I haven’t been to visit your sacred spot where you are in the Earth even after all these years. Even thinking about visiting brings tears to my eyes. I know you’re close by & the wisdom/guidance will always be with me.

I love you *R* thank you for everything. Thank you for being my Guardian Angel during a time of crisis in my life. I became strong because I learned from a strong woman 💖YOU💖.

And I know deep in my heart your children will flourish in life as they had you as a loving & strong mother. Your blood flows through them just as your wisdom, knowledge & love does.

I love you.


Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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