Timelines (Past, Present & Future) 26/04/2023

Sitting here by my electric heater & reflecting.

I’m reflecting on how many years have passed since a loved one passed on into the physical realm.

Then it came to me.


By being born, we became part of their timeline.

Just as their physical timeline in this realm has ended.
Ours continues.
It continues with their love, wisdom, comfort & support.

We constantly jump timelines.

Whether by looking back at memories (past).

Thinking & BEing present in the moment.

Or forward planning (future).

Our thoughts, emotions & actions are powerful & potent as they infuse the timeline/moment we’re current/presently in.


Just as our voice carries a tone.
The Vibration of the words we speak.

Our emotions.
The Energy our emotions contain.

Our thoughts.
The Frequency of our thoughts (whether high vibe or low vibe).

Our actions.
The Energy Alchemist/Master of our reality. Like an energy healer weaving the fine details into a masterpiece of healing energy.

We chose our reality.

You can either let 1 low moment early on in the day ruin the rest of it.

Or you can decide to be optimistic & find joy & gratitude in each moment after.

We’re constantly jumping timelines by each thought, feeling & action.

Just as we walked timelines with our loved ones who passed into Spirit.

The Love felt remains the same.

Just because they are no longer here physically. Doesn’t mean they ever left you Spiritually. Your loved ones are always with you.

Even when it felt like such a small time you were together physically.

You were never alone.

Just as you were once an egg carried in you Grand Mothers womb when she was carrying your Mother in hers.

We are all connected by our ancestors long after they’ve passed as the connection of Love never dies.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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