The Dance Of The Divines 04/05/2023

I feels like ages since I last wrote a blog & I felt inspired to write one today.

The last few weeks I’ve been allowing my Divine Feminine to come out. From dressing myself in more floral clothes to wearing dresses & skirts.

Growing up I was always self conscious about my body.

Particularly my chest as I always felt self conscious of that particular part as I felt when I was speaking to a man that would be the 1st thing they would look at. I got into the habit of hiding/covering up that body part as it felt very sexualised.

Growing up I was a Tom Boy (jeans & shirt) you’d rarely see me in dresses/skirts.

Over time, my dress sense became like a wallflower not wanting to draw attention & to protect myself.

I remember a dream I had in March/April. Where I saw my Divine Masculine (who my Masculine side/aspect was). My Divine Masculine was/is fierce, protective, commutative & understanding. Ready to jump to my defense when the sense is there.

I had a reading in March & even the reader picked up on my divine Masculine shadow.

Over the past weeks since the reading. I’ve realised so much. Where I’d been stuck in the cycle of dressing to guard myself (covering up).

Apart from my make up choices, I haven’t been allowing my Divine Feminine to come out.

Metaphorically she had become like a Queen in a tower.
Shielded from the world.
Fiercely protected at all times.

Over the past few weeks I’ve slowly let my guard down & allowed myself (without feeling self conscious) to dress more freely.

Some may remember that stigma years ago (or some may even remember it growing up) of skirts being too short or blouse/shirt buttons showing off too much. As it may draw unwanted attention.

When we live in a world of uniqueness & beauty.
That unwanted attention shouldn’t have been present in the first place & that disgusting behaviour shouldn’t be brushed off or ignored.

A woman should be able to dress as freely as she dances.

Without the fear of unwanted attention.

Spiritually the Divine Feminine has been suppressed for millennia. Women were seen as inferior to Men. But that’s all about to change.

Now is the time.

She Stands.
She Roars.
She Dances.
She’s Free.

Both the Divine Feminine & Masculine will dance together in harmony.

Whilst the Divine Feminine freely expresses who she is. Her divine Masculine will guard & protect her but not overly protect her like a warden.

They will dance in unison & the world will become a brighter & lighter place (both physically, spiritually & energetically).

Become who you came here to BE.

Do no harm to others.

Set boundaries.

Let your creativity flow.

Dance freely in the rain/moonlight/around the fire/on a beach.

See the beauty in the world as well as when you look at your own reflection.

Speak your beautiful unique voice.

Sing your Sovereign Song.

As when you truly BEcome who you came here to BE.

You’ll raise your frequency, you’ll shift those around you, the shift will happen & the world will become a magical place

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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