Boob Bandits Blog 21/05/2023

I’ve had a great week.

There has been sunshine, joy, gratitude & laughter.

Yet I’ve also been experiencing aches around my ribs & back.

Ladies you know that feeling when you take your bra off after a long day.

That freedom.

I didn’t notice until recently how much wearing a bra could affect your body.

I wear wire less bras.
I’ve also worn my everyday bras with an extender in.
Yet I still had those nerve/circulation twinges.

Yesterday I got to the point where I’d had enough.

Since when did bras become boob bandits.

Not just keeping your boobs held up from gravity, but also moulding & squeezing in your rib cage (thus messing with the natural circulation).

I was left with a red mark under my boobs where the band had been (despite also wearing a bra extender on the last setting).

I noticed how indented my body, particularly my skin had become.

So today I dug out 1 of my old maternity bras.
In a cup size up & on the last setting. Also loosening the bra straps down to the lowest setting.
I know there’s enough stretch in the band as I can get 3fingers under it.

Maybe that was what my body was trying to get my attention to (for however long I’ve been experiencing the feelings/nerve signals).

I feel supported yet free.

I’ve also realised lately how I’d rather dress in comfy clothes than too fitted/tight (to avoid feeling claustrophobic).

Yeah I’ve got stretch marks, fat, cellulite & the occasional spot on my face.

My boobs bounce when I run. My belly maybe noticeable at times. My boobs may sag when I try to lose an extra pound.

But my body is my body. It encases & protects my soul. My body is my sanctuary.

And I’m not going to dress up in clothes that are ‘all about the next hype’.

My body has got me through so much. Why would I want to dress my body to fit a stereotype.

So to all my Soul Sisters out there.

Love who you are.
Cuddle your curves.
Embrace your goddess bodies.
Nourish & nurture yourself.
Love yourself.

Don’t try to force yourself into a stereotypical mould.

Break the fucking mould!.

You bring new souls onto Great Mother Gaia.
Some may decide to skip that role & may become a role model to another.
Best friend.
Holistic practitioner.

Love who you are.

If you wanna dress up as a multi coloured zebra, you go girl.

Harm none.

The Universe needs beautiful souls like you to stand in your Divine Sovereignty & in doing so you raise the Divine Feminine energy for the collective/Great Mother Gaia, that has been suppressed for so long.

See your stretch marks as silver tiger stripes.
See your scars as battles that you have overcome.
See your flaws/imperfections as unique works of art.
See those tears that you have shed as shedding who you no longer are & renewing/evolving.

You are a Goddess.

It’s time you started treating yourself as such.
Fundamentally loving, nurturing, nourishing & standing in your Divine Sovereignty.

Own your power.
Stand in it.
And radiate in it like a glowing/radiant Goddess.

Crying doesn’t make you weak. It’s a release from all the BS you’ve been holding in inside for too long.

Raising your voice isn’t being problematic. It’s setting boundaries & having the courage to be crystal clear on what you need (especially if you’ve been quiet for so long).

Dressing in a Feminine way doesn’t make you a target for unwanted attention. It’s society’s stereotypes that is the problem.

Traditional ways sometimes don’t work in an every changing/evolving world.

The Divines (Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine) are meant to work in harmony.

Not 1 sided, narrow minded views/assumptions/expectations.

There has to be balance.
There needs to be.
Because if 1 of the Divines is out of sync/alignment.
Then so is the other.

Drop the Ego & listen to your Soul.

It’s ok to feel your emotions.
It’s ok to express them (as long as it doesn’t hurt another).
It’s ok to start over in each & every moment.

No one said evolution was easy.

Yet here you are…….

Breaking cycles, healing trauma, setting boundaries, listening to your intuition, taking deep breathes & being mindful in all situations OBserving not ABsorbing like an ascended master pausing before acting.


REMEMBER as we shift, heal & evolve ourselves. So too does the collective consciousness of Humanity.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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