I Found HER. A Year Of Evolving Blog 24/05/2023

I felt to write a blog about Free Will.

A few months ago.

I was at a crossroads in regards to my relationship.

The thoughts i had at the time were….

“Does he still want to be together?”.

“Maybe this is the next step on a new path for me?”.

“Do I want to be with him?”.

“Can we make the relationship work?”.

“Can the relationship evolve together?”.

“Does he want to evolve?”.

I didn’t want to fight for it unless we both felt the same.

My reason for that was because I didn’t want to go against the laws of Free Will.

I didn’t want to put all of my energy into something if it was against what the person involved wanted/wished.

You see.

When I started my Spiritual Awakening Evolutionary Journey.

I would leak my energy.

I remember someone once saying “You have holes in your auric field where you are leaking energy”.

Draining myself.

Sometimes it was random things like people pleasing, saying yes when I wanted to say no, sending healing when it wasn’t asked for (same as advice/guidance/support).

I would put myself out there & before my awakening, I found myself in places where I wasn’t wanted/needed. Even when my 1st instinct wasn’t to go in the 1st place.

The amount of times I’d show up somewhere uninvited or would have a gutt instinct not to go there yet still go, are too many times to count on my fingers.

Metaphorically, I was probably leaking more energy than a burst water main.

I was also unknowingly at the time, taking on others energy (opinions, beliefs etc) thus losing my own voice & dimming my own divine light.

Meek & mild wallflower come to mind.

It’s taken me a long time to break the people pleasing/co dependancy cycle.

At least a year to break it along with the anxiety cycle alongside.

Back to the situation a few months ago.

I knew I wanted to be with my partner & once I knew he wanted to be with me that’s when I fought.

I spent the weekend building my energy, my focus, calling the Universe & my loved ones in Spirit closer & telling them my intention for the outcome.

On the Monday, I drove to the destination where the outcome would be.

I played high vibe motivational fight music (Mortal Kombat theme tune if you must know. The new version though).

I shielded myself in white & colourful light. I visualised my intended outcome.

I had my own Sovereign statement on me & made sure it was seen/heard by those in the room before I entered.

I walked tall into a room of strangers & fought.

I spoke.
I showed emotion without holding back the tears.
I focused on my breathing.
I calmed myself & slowed my heartrate to a steady beat.

I stood in my divine Sovereign power.

I radiated.

I spoke my voice & I was heard.

I stood tall/strong & I was seen.

When others had seen the power in me long ago.

I finally saw it for myself & knew how powerful I AM.

I walked out of the room with the intended outcome.

I walked tall.

I shone.

I radiated.

And I hope I left abit of Sovereign Sparkle so should another stand in the place i stood in that room full of strangers.

I hope they got the Divine Light outcome which they seeked.

That experience taught me so much.

And that’s why I will not help those around me, unless I am asked.

As I will not go against the Law of Free Will.

For me, those few days took alot of energy.
I spent a few days later yawning (releasing energy from the heart) & resting my mind, body & soul.

I also released all the energies which weren’t my own & call my divine energy back (which is a daily practice since someone told me over a year ago to do daily).

When I look back at who I was a year ago. I don’t recognise myself/that version of who I was.

I rarely get heart palpations now.

I’m rarely anxious.

I listen & trust my own intuition.

I listen to my body (eg- if there’s pain in an area what could be the emotional cause/thought pattern/what needs to be felt, healed & released).

I’m open with how I’m feeling with those closest to me.

I’ve also been paying particular attention to my Divine Feminine menstrual cycle (did you know PMS symptoms can happen upto 14days before your period? & some ladies have PMDD which is a more fierce form of PMS?).

Who knew hormones would play havoc during a Spiritual Awakening Evolutionary Journey 😅.

“No, you’re not low vibe darling for feeling anxious/sad/low. You’re merely hormonal”.


Boundaries is another cycle which was another rollercoaster cycle to break.

One which I’m pleased to say has been implemented with surprising results.

I’m happy.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy & content in my own skin before.

I’m in competition with no one.

Whether it’s…….
Body weight/size/shape.
Comparing my life to others.

I’m content in my own lane on my Spiritual Awakening Journey.

I know those who are meant to be part of my life/Soul Tribe will be there 10000000% no matter the time/distance/place.

I know they will be there regardless & that they too are on their own divine spiritual journey.

I know for sure & I AM certain.

I have grown/changed/bloomed so much this past year.

And I AM grateful for all that I have learned.

As I have Found Myself.

Fully & Wholeheartedly.

I Love Who I AM.
I Know Who I AM.
I embrace, love, nurture, nourish, cherish, celebrate, comfort & support each & every aspect of myself.
And in doing so…….



And so just when she thought she was lost.
She found herself.
For she was who she had been looking for all along.



Be Blessed.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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