Lesson To A Blessing Blog 29/09/2022

As you go through the process of remembering, you may remember old past memories popping up to the surface.

Some of these may be unpleasant memories. Some may be traumatic.
Some may be bitter sweet.

You may drift in & out of these memories as you live & BE in your current moments.

I had a moment yesterday which made me remember a past memory. Instead of feel-in-g low vibes, i saw it as another onion layer of healing that needed to be released & healed.

It was a strange sensation, that even though years had passed from my childhood that, that particular memory was still engraved in my subconscious. One that i thought I’d placed away long ago in the back of my mind/memory.

The person that had triggered that memory finally acknowledged that our relationship will never change/get better/evolve for the better.

I’d already acknowledged that long ago that the relationship would never change & it left a sad bitter feel-in-g that i would never be truly accepted (by her atleast).

It felt like a mutual sombre polite parting of ways. Where we both energetically knew that our bond was never going to be picture perfect as other similar relationships of others around us.

So many have that particular relationship where they can be open with one another with no judgement or criticism. Without either side putting up barriers & walls.

However this particular relationship of mine, it’s a sad deep knowing that i will never have that close & safe relationship with someone who brought me into this world.

For me it’s always been tinted with control “You’re my daughter, you’ll do as i say!”.
Then the “Ok i will never speak to you again”. Line would hit & i was left days even weeks in people pleaser mode to try & fix things.
Thus going against my instincts to stand my ground & not be manipulated just to ‘keep the peace’.

Even many years when I’ve left the nest. If i have a fall out with that particular individual I’m orstosized & singled out by the close knit family members. Another would stop talking to me all because I’d had a fallout with that particular individual having a tantrum.

Moving out can feel like an escape & by closing the front door in your own home it can feel like a sanctuary.

I started writing this blog yesterday yet due to popping out for a few hours then coming home for housework i might of slightly gone off track with this blog than what was originally inspired/intended.

Yet even as I’m writing this now I’m reminded that every past emotion that pops up is another onion layer of emotion(s) that need healing as we let go of what no longer resonates so we can…..

Stretch our wings & fly.
Lighter & Brighter up into the sky.

I’m no longer feel-in-g victimhood vibes of abandonment, loss, guilt or people pleaser vibes from those who have chosen to left my life.

After all i suppose once the teacher has taught the lesson, the pupil no longer needs teaching (a lesson to a blessing).

On the flip side, atleast you energetically know who to thank for the spiritual growth when those onion layers pop up to need healing & releasing.

As sometimes it can turn into guidance of who you do not wish to follow/behaviours you do not with to accept into your life.

Sometimes it can be a bitter sweet mutual goodbye from both sides.

I’m reminded in these early moments to let go & trust the Universe.

Those whom are meant to stay in your life standing beside you will always be there no matter how much time has passed.

And if someone does decide to walk back into it, my advice is to Observe.

Do they seek a solution or do they merely want a same old behavioural bitch?.

Then again, those who you thought would never wake up may gravitate back to you by the vibrational frequencies of the shift.

Who knows…………

Trust your divine intuition.


Triggers, Treasures & Gold Blog 26/09/2022

Had a chat with a friend today.

She said to me “You’re so on the ball”.

I replied that i didn’t want to be.

And it got me thinking…..

Whilst i like helping people out when i can, i don’t always want to be relied upon. Neither do i wish to rely on others (as heavily as i used to a few months ago).

After all our Triggers can be turned into Treasures (as a dear one once told me).

Today’s moments also reminded me of times/moments when i used to turn to others more than looking/searching for the answers myself thus triggering other people to feel angry, frustrated & annoyed.

The same exact feel-in-gs i felt today whilst i was making calls & sending emails to rectify a situation (which in hindsight if others around me had done, maybe the problem/situation could of been rectified alot sooner than the 6weeks time frame at present).

In turn that also brought up feel-in-gs/thoughts of………

Dogs body.
“Oh don’t worry, Kat will sort it”.

I also felt that possibly other individuals clearly didn’t give a shit about the situation as they might of presumed someone else would sort it.

It made me feel like i didn’t want to be in the surroundings i am in. The urge to move away & get away from it all for a while.

It also metaphorically cemented the fact that the 3D/4D old Earth – 5D New Earth is shifting.

Thus bringing up alot of feelings, thoughts & emotions to the surface.

I’ve realised in these moments, i know what no longer resonates for me & I’m detaching from things/people/situations.

I don’t always want to be relied upon as i don’t want someone to rely on me so much that they stop relying on themselves & their own strength.

I do want to help people, yet it can’t be a 1 sided thing.
There needs to be balance not all the weight at 1 end like a see-saw.
The individual must want to help themselves also & put in the work/effort.

These brief moments today have drained me.
I currently feel sleepy & long for a long nap.
I was planning on adding/creating a few things for the website tonight (if it’s your calling, it will keep calling).

Yet after work tonight i wonder if I’ll have the inspiration/energy to let my creativity run will & create more content?.

Or will i merely put my pjs on & climb into bed?.

Do you see now why it’s so important for boundaries?.

My vibe was high in the early hours of a new day.

Now mid way through, i long to take a nap & switch off/hibernate (makes my wonder if my spirit animal is a bear?. I like honey, cuddles & cosy naps 😅).

Bit of advice in these moments….

Guard your energy. It’s more precious than gold.

Use/spend it wisely.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


Light Shift Blog 26/09/2022

Can you feel it?.

The lightness in the air.

The warrior’s triumphant roar.

The buzz.

The feel-in-g to celebrate & dance from Dusk til Dawn.

I feel there has been a Shift.

For all those who have…….

Worked through & enlightened their Shadow (shadow work).

Dived deep within their inner healing.

Battled & swam through their tears & made it to the sandy shore.

I commemorate you beautiful BEing.

You walking through your darkness with grace & light has left glowing foot steps for others to follow.

You’ve set boundaries.

You’ve hibernated.

You’ve been very selective in whom you share your energy with & whom you socialise with.

You’ve observed.

You’ve put your hands up & said “No!” When someone has tried to engage with you in lower frequencies (anger, gossip, bitching etc) & You’ve kept your vibrational frequency high.

You’ve spoken & responded less unless it’s in the high frequencies of Love, Laughter, Joy, Happiness, Excitement, etc.

You’ve danced barefoot & grounded. Your high vibrational frequency has been felt by Great Mother Gaia like little ripples has been felt all over the world like little bright glowing embers felt by all those who exist on Great Mother Gaia.

You may have had recurring past traumas/emotions popping up & instead of responding in old behaviours you’ve broken the pattern/cycle.

You’ve let go of attachments.
After all everything is borrowed in this life even the bodies we are born into eventually turn to dust.
In acknowledging this you may feel more inspired to take more joy & gratitude in the moments that bring you happiness & gracefully brush off the moments that temporarily lower your vibrational frequency.

You may have turned your focus to yourself.
To work, nurture & nourish yourself.
Tenaciously & tenderly giving yourself the love, joy, support & encouragement that you normally give others.
You may have been Approachable not Accessible during that brief hermit mode solitude vacation/holiday.

Animals are attracted to you.
Bees, butterflies, cats, dogs, birds may have allowed you closer to them as you both acknowledge eachother as beautiful divine sovereign BEings.

The skies look brighter & the colours more vivid.

The Sun seems more approachable for staring contests & had a beautiful glowing aura of colours.

The air/breeze feels fresher & clearer.

As for the Moon (i haven’t seen it in weeks).

Some may feel & know a change has taken place yet not know why.

Embrace the divine gift of Knowing.

You’re Shifting.
You’re Changing.
You’re Evolving.

You’re a divine sovereign warrior.

I love you.

Be Blessed.

I hope you have an amazing week.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


Sexual Ju-Ju & The Chakras Blog 18/09/2022

Right we’ve heard about healing the Inner Child.

And in my past blog


We spoke about Sexual Energy.

Yet no one seems to talk about the trapped energy from having numerous sexual partnerships.

Think about how many people you’ve slept with?.

Now think about how many people your sexual partner has slept with?.

How much energy from your sexual partner as well as their sexual encounters are you carrying around in your Sacral chakra without consciously knowing?.


And if not properly released it can cause issues.

Ever picked up a bad vibe that you can’t place your finger on where or why you feel like that?.

If you’re an Empath/Empathic you’ll understand what i mean.

There’s also the sexual stereotypes where men are seen as studs if they’ve had X amount of sexual partners.

Yet women are stereotyped as slags for having X amount of sexual partners.

Negative unreleased energy can cause the chakras to be blocked & physical ailments to be seen/felt in the body.

How do you unblock them?.

Sexual energy is stored in the Sacral Chakra (Orange centre above the Red Root Chakra).

Some methods of unblocking the charkas.

*Salt bath (dead sea salt or pink Himalayan rock salt).
*Dancing (can release energy especially if you shake your Booty *Root* chakra).
*Movement (whether it be going for a run, exercising, jumping around, yoga etc).
*Visualisation & breath work.
*Writing (you can write a letter to yourself of what you wish to release & then burn it.) Or you can write down how you feel daily in a diary/journal. Sometimes it might seem alot easier than talking to someone by writing everything out (it can feel like a release).
*Grounding (bare foot) & sun gazing (no sunglasses).
*Essential oils can help (lemon i found is very uplifting as well as wild orange).

When you take a step back & have a look at how much time & energy you’ve wasted/lost (whether it be on pointless worrying, petty rows etc).

You’d be surprised how much we reacted with so much energy when really we really didn’t need to respond or react at all.

Ever felt so drained after a heated argument?. That’s because you gave so much of your energy to it & now your body is feeling the result of all those emotions you felt & energy/power you gave away. When really if you’d taken a different approach you might of seen/felt a different outcome.

All energy is precious.

Be careful & mindful of who/what you give your energy to.

For me personally, i won’t sleep with my other half if his mouth has been running too much (talking to me like shit, the tone of his voice -sometimes there’s the hint of teenage whining- etc).

It’s like “just because I’ve been with you X amount of years, doesn’t mean I’m gonna drop my draws for you. If your energies off something needs healing & releasing. And that’s for you to sort & me to be there for you whilst you take some time to heal & release”.

I pick up the tone in someone’s voice before i listen to what they’re saying. Another form of energy reading 😉.

Remember where your focus goes, energy flows.

Be mindful.

Your divine energy is precious.


Stepping Stone Blog 18/09/2022

Lying here in bed contemplating my Spiritual Awakening Journey.

I remember when i 1st awoke that i used to follow a few channels on social media. And when i say i used to follow them, i used to watch their new release videos every week & even had reminders set.

However over the course of my journey, I’ve learned to trust what comes to/pops up from my own intuition.

For me it was seek out the other likeminded souls as when you 1st awaken it can feel crazy & very daunting to venture out down numerous rabbitholes & navigate what’s truth from what’s bs.

When you find your tribe of beautiful beings it’s a surreal feeling & experience as it’s like coming home. Those beautiful connections are what i cherish & admire. For me there’s a deep connection there that expands deeper than time, space & the wonders of the Universe. I couldn’t imagine my life without those 4 beautiful beings & i am so grateful to each of you for the beautiful experiences, insights, knowledge & wisdom i have learned. You’ve each helped me to evolve as each trigger became unearthed to become a treasure.

To the reader reading this the reason i wrote this blog was to highlight the truth to find your own path.

I AM grateful that you’ve found my blogs helpful & insightful. Yet please do find your authentic truth & trust your divine intuition.

The more you go within yourself to heal & release past behavioural cycles/patterns/traumas. The more you’ll become lighter by unloading the rocks & unshackling yourself from all that no longer resonates with you.

For me over these past few months, alot has changed.

I used to feel lonely & unwanted as my circle was getting smaller (whether it be school friends, family etc) from people leaving my circle (walking out of my life). It really used to bug me as i felt I’d done something wrong & felt i needed to fix things (people pleaser). Then came the cycle of victimhood & abandonment.

At the end of the tunnel & broken cycles. I found me. I found my own strength to stand alone. Those beautiful individuals that stayed, i maintained the connection to, nurtured the bonds & strengthened.

Even those who i felt i was drifting from started to awaken & come back. That’s when i knew the Universe had meant for them to be part of my circle.

Yeah i have days where I’m silent & observing. I still have moments where i think “does the person want to bitch or do they want/seek a solution?”. I still have boundaries which i think “do i really want to give my energy to this?”.

I’m also alot more aware of my vibrational frequency in each moment & whom i allow access to my energy (I’m approachable not accessible).

Cherish those beautiful bonds with your tribe, trust your divine intuition (it is your soul compass in navigating this sometimes crazy chaotic world).

And remember *fundamentally* if someone is saying they’re spreading the word of light *ask your divine intuition & feel deep within yourself for guidance*.

Because believe it or not there’s alot of BS in the spiritual community (dark dressing as light to misguide the many). The dark wants to throw you off your path to the light so they can harness your energy & keep you trapped in the matrix (debt slave etc).

The only way out is going within yourself for the answers you seek as you hold the divine blueprint deep within your BEing.

You were born with it.

Trust yourself.
Connect with your divine intuition.
Heal & release what no longer resonates within yourself.
Drink water.
Meditate if you feel to do so.
Eat healthy.

My blogs are merely a stepping stone to help you on your own divine Spiritual Awakening Journey.

What resonates with me, might not resonate with another. Which is cool as we’re all on our own paths/soul missions.

Remember where your focus goes, energy flows.

It’s ok, you CAN trust yourself.
You’re ready to fly.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


🎶Summer Blogging (Had Me A Shift)🎶 Blog 17/09/2022

This past week has been an eye opener.

For example the blog i wrote on Friday 10/09/2022 no longer resonates as things have shifted/changed.

This past week I’ve observed more & noticed alot whilst in silence & not responding.

People who are on my vibrational frequency have gravitated towards me, whilst others have taken a break/moved on.

In noticing their cycles i have uncovered my own & instead of being triggered I’ve acknowledged, healed & released.

I used to worry about losing people & tried to people please in the past to try & maintain connections. However this Summer has taught me alot.

In June a special group disbanded & i went through a period of loss & feeling low.

Yet as we came into July. I noticed more of my old behavioural cycles/patterns & triggers.

August was a month of healing & solitude.

And as September came. I emerged alot stronger. My boundaries were ionised. My attitude was/is calm & my inner peace is paramount. Plus I’m responding less & being stush with what/who i give my energy to (whether that be on social media or out & about everyday life).

I’m no longer holding on so tightly to people.
Even dreams where I’d used to overthink what i was dreaming have stopped.

I’m also more clear & direct with the Universe.

As for the Twin Flame curiosity. I’m leaving that down to the Universe & firmly believe they will find me when/if they’re destined too. That’s even if i have a Twin Flame.

Right now as i sit watching a film & look around at my beautiful house plants basking in the glorious sunlight.

I’m chilled & at peace.

It’s a surreal feeling.

One things for sure, I’m more content in my own skin than I’ve ever been in my life up til now & in these moments.

This has been the Summer of deep insight & transformation for me. And yes it was a rocky start in June but as the months have changed so too have i.

I used to dread change whilst growing up as it always felt like loss, grief & abandonment.

No one ever told you, that maybe, just maybe.
The change wasn’t meant to break & shake you.

It was infact meant to shift, transform & fundamentally evolve you into the being you came here to BE.

How beautiful to think that with each thought, action & moment that we are each closer to becoming who we came here to be.

With each old behavioural cycle & pattern. Acknowledged, healed & released. We’re un-chaining & un-shackling ourselves from what no longer resonates within us aswell as without/around us.

Keep going beautiful BEing.

You’re doing amazing.

And by changing/transforming/shifting/evolving yourself.

You’re shifting the whole vibrational frequency for the whole consciousness of Mankind/Womankind (some may call it Humanity).

Keep going.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


2 Worlds 2 Minds Blog 15/09/2022

Literally stopping house work to write this blog & go with the flow.

I had a bit of a sombre moment in these early moments.

I went to my old junior school (my friend’s little one goes there & i offered to give her a lift).

Walking around the old playground brought back a lot of memories for me.

I remember the old trim trail & the climbing equipment.

I remember lining up & smiling at the boy i liked back then.

I remember running in & out of the hedge row near the pond & hiding from teachers when playtime was over.

I remember Lucy Locket getting stuck up a tree near the big dome shaped bush.

Out of all my years at school, time at Junior school was my favourite.

I was looking around at the old grounds today, watching my little one (who’s home educated) running around happy & i couldn’t help but think.

Maybe she was missing out?.

Missing out on meeting that boy & having her 1st school crush.

Missing out on the talent shows & sports days.

The buzz of shopping for the new school year supplies (bags, stationery, new shoes etc).

I know deep in my heart home education is for us (my intuition screams at me whenever i second guess & start to doubt myself).

I don’t trust the current system & secondary school was a bitch for me (and i did come across a few bully bitches through the years at secondary school also).

I don’t agree with extortionate school uniform prices.
I don’t agree with school holiday prices sky rocketing just to take your little one’s away on holiday.
I don’t agree with the competitive curriculum.
I don’t agree with the school fines for lateness or absence.
I don’t agree with the lax bullying policies.

There’s no freedom or encouragement for kids to follow their own interests or learning path.

It’s all very 1 path for everyone & if the path/way of teaching doesn’t suit you, then you’re going to struggle. Then you get labelled the problem child (with many different stereotypes attached).

Even some of the playground parents are competitive (“my child’s doing this, that, going to xyz” etc).

And don’t get me started on the bitchiness
/gossiping (I’m sure we have observed many parents doing this & thought wtf?).

I’m very much a freedom fighter/rebel. I’ve always felt i never fitted in growing up & now i know why. I wasn’t born to fit in. I was born to stand out.

My path is unique to me.
Just as your path is unique to you.

I’m not sure if this blog has turned into a bitch/vent or if somewhere you might find something insightful.

All i know in these moments is that my intuition is stronger than ever as I’m breathing deeply & fully listening/trusting myself.

Also 6 planets are in retrograde 😅 (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, & Mercury.)

I best get on with the housework/clutter clear out.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


Little Blog 15/09/2022

I’m so proud of each & everyone of you BEautiful sovereign BEings.

We shifted & will continue to shift at a more faster pace.

The old earth timeline is splitting from the New Earth 5D timeline.

You can feel it.
You can see it.
You can hear it.
And you know it.

Whilst i was driving i felt a sense of wonder & knew the shift had taken place.

In truth as we each heal, release & evolve the quicker you’ll see, feel & know.

Many will be seeing more vivid colours.
Some may hear more.
Your senses will heighten.
You’ll be more sensitive to energies.

You might be extra sensitive when around others not on your vibrational frequency.

Rest & recharge.
Plenty of water.
Ground yourself.

*Austin Powers Voice* You’re shifting baby! 🥳😁🥰🤩😍🌍💫


Quick Blog 11/09/2022

Sure you can be love, light & all things nice.


Unless you’re doing shadow work, inner work, recognising old negative behaviours/patterns & breaking them, healing & releasing past traumas, actually genuinely interested in Evolving & BEcoming better.

It all means jacksh*t, unless you’re willing to do the intergrational ground work the love & light persona is merely a mask if you aren’t putting the foundational & intergrational work in.


Awoken Warrior Blog 11/09/2022

I woke up today & felt like the energies had shifted.

I felt like a warrior.

The energies felt lighter.

I had a shower & felt refreshed.

I realised in today’s earlier moments, that not many people know the real me.

There’s only about 5 individuals i can be truly open with.

As some might not understand what I’m saying & misinterpret the meaning.

It’s a surreal feeling to acknowledge that not many know you & who you are deep inside.

Some individuals get the silent/timid version of me.
Some get the loud mouth/crazy/sarcastic version of me.
Some still have a version of me who no longer exists.

Maybe waking up today & feeling in a reflective mood.

It might be down to the dream i had last night of a relative.

Yes we grew up today & they may think that they know me.

The truth is, they don’t.

They don’t know who I’ve BEcome these past few years.

They don’t know who I AM anymore.

They hold a version of me in their mind with old behavioural cycles attached to that particular version whether good or bad.

They hear about me through stories/gossip other individuals tell them (and most of the time, people are only interested in the negative gossip so they can look down at someone & judge/criticise/ridicule etc) depending which vibrational frequency they’re on.

Some may even think, that they know you better than you know yourself.

In regards to me………..

I know Who I AM.

I know Who I AM on a deeper level (soul level) & i know my divine power (which each of us carry within).

I’m in tune with my body & I’m still learning to change/evolve my mindset.

In later moments today i could tell i was getting coaxed into a row. I stared blankly & said i didn’t want to respond.

I knew this person was looking for an argument & i didn’t want my vibrational frequency going down.

So it got to the point at which i walked out as i knew tension was building & the person i was walking away from had a mindset for pointless rows.

I was followed by the particular person.

I didn’t want to argue/row.

I was standing in my Sovereignty & keeping my distance & for a moment i felt my Spiritual side/higher self made an appearance.

I didn’t want to go round in another pointless behavioural cycle.

So another boundary was set.

A boundary called distance.

It was sad to acknowledge in those moments, that no matter how hard you try.

Some people will never change & some may never change their negative view they hold of you.

I spent so many years trying to please this person & be accepted by them.

No matter what i done, it was never good enough.

I was labelled by them & that label will likely stick in their mindset forever.

I’m done trying to please people.

I walked away knowing I’d broken 1 of my own personal behavioural cycles today & it felt liberating.

I knew i was on the right path.

I spent the rest of the day chilling & relaxing.

Listening & BEing in tune with my own body.

It’s moments like these that make me appreciate the beautiful BEings i do have in my life.

The one’s i can talk to about anything whether Spiritual or normal & not feel like an outsider/outcast.

You see.

A Sovereign BEing is has many layers.

Like a ripple in water.

Some are closest to you.

Whilst others are further away from you.

Some get close enough to see the real you.

Whilst some only think that they truly know you by the opinions of you they have in their mind.

I’m more protective than ever of who i allow closest to me.
I’m more protective of my energy & peace of mind.

In the coming moments/months i feel i will be distancing myself more (my inner peace will be paramount), doing more inner work/shadow work, setting more firm boundaries, being more silent & reacting less.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Rest & maintaining high frequencies whilst working on shadow work/inner work/healing.

So chilled in these moments after lastnights Harvest Moon.

Lately over the past month I’ve really enjoyed the silence & serenity moments.

I’ve actually enjoyed not opening my mouth & responding 😅🥱.

Whether it be having no interest in a conversation/gossip which was none of my business, listening to someone vent, hearing something on the radio & switching it off, not reacting to road rage etc.

Resting bitch/blank face has become the norm for me these past few weeks 😅. Alongside the occasional head nod or verbal “meh” vocal sound.

You’d think some people would appreciate it when my gobber/motor mouth was closed 😅🤣

If I’m silent, it’s because I’m genuinely tired, my mind’s somewhere else up in the clouds or i don’t see the point of adding my energy to the situation.

When there’s chaos around in the world.

Finding & genuinely feel-IN-g your inner peace/calm is paramount.

Stress kills the immune system.
The immune system fights dis-ease.
Listen to your body.
If your mind is running riot & you can’t switch off.
Deep breath work can help to calm.

Yawning releases energy (pent up heart energy *correct me if I’m wrong).

I will leave the blog there as I’m currently yawning & could happily take a nap.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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