Little Blog 15/09/2022

I’m so proud of each & everyone of you BEautiful sovereign BEings. We shifted & will continue to shift at a more faster pace. The old earth timeline is splitting from the New Earth 5D timeline. You can feel it.You can see it.You can hear it.And you know it. Whilst i was driving i feltContinue reading “Little Blog 15/09/2022”

Newbie To WordPress 10/10/2021

Currently sat here on a Sunday evening trying to figure out how to get the comments section working & also how to add new blogs instantly. Swear it’s easier to train a cat how to use a litter tray than figure this out…….. If you’ve stumbled across this site……. Hello, Sorry it looks like randomContinue reading “Newbie To WordPress 10/10/2021”

Why Lyrics By Luna if your names Kat? 09/07/2021.

Many will probably be wondering why I’ve called my site….. Lyrics By Luna Have you ever sat at a window under the moonlight glow of the Full Moon?. And felt the urge to write a song, poem, journal entry, story or just be creative in general. It’s in those silent moments where creativity can stirContinue reading “Why Lyrics By Luna if your names Kat? 09/07/2021.”


Hello & Welcome to Lyrics by Luna. 🌟💝🌹🦋🌻*KEEP SCROLLING BEYOND THIS WELCOME POST FOR SITE CONTENT*🌻🦋🌹💖🌟 Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kat. I started writing poetry & lyrics in my teenage years (as a creative form to express how i was feeling). Years later i am still writing & creating lyricsContinue reading “🌟Welcome🌟”