23 *Poem* (Written on 12/10/2021)

It’s theLittle thingsLittleLittleLittleThings That you don’t remember, til you’reReminiscing.Looking back, dreaming back to a time.When i could of been yours& you could of been mine.Classes full of laughter. Teen crushes in the Summer.Too shy to tell you. What i really thought about you.Should of spoke up & let my shyness shine through. Let my cheeksContinue reading “23 *Poem* (Written on 12/10/2021)”

Never. 10/11/2012.

10/11/2012 You won’t break me.I’m too strong for that.You can’t hurt me.It’s a matter of fact.You won’t ever.See me cry.I’ve been there.Done that.I know all your lies. 6 months ago.I was fragile.I was weak.6 months ago.My future seemed bleak.6 months ago.I lost sight of myself.6 months ago.Was when i really needed help. Oh……..Boy.You broke meContinue reading “Never. 10/11/2012.”

Screw You?. 08/05/2012.

Walking through Hell, through the smoke & brimstones, my tears burning like fire on this road.I’m tired & depressed, my heads in a mess.Never been this stressed in all my years.I’m scared & I’m wary, trusting someone’s got too scary.All alone on this ragged road. Feelings gone astray, missing my baby.I’m losing faith everyday.Maybe oneContinue reading “Screw You?. 08/05/2012.”