Hormones & Headaches Blog 24/03/2022

Ladies………. Does anyone else seem to go through more intense transformations whilst *during that time of the month*?. For me personally this month, even chocolate isn’t covering it like the usual sweet band aid it normally is. Which is slightly weird as Easter Egg season is almost upon us. Normally it would be comfy jeans,Continue reading “Hormones & Headaches Blog 24/03/2022”

Mini Meditation Blog 15/03/2022

Decided to do a mini meditation. If you’ve seen 1 of my videos before on Instagram you’ll know i normally meditate with 7candles as well as white Californian sage & palo santo wood. And noticeably a few more crystals. However tonight i decided to do a mini meditation session (I’ve had a few anxiety episodesContinue reading “Mini Meditation Blog 15/03/2022”

Rest & Recharge Blog 04/03/2022

Lastnight i was feeling unwell.I needed rest.I needed to switch off.I needed my body to recuperate & heal.I needed sleep. I was sitting in my car lastnight & these lyrics popped into my head. I wanna go to bed.And i wanna cry.I want to get rid of this last bit of fear.I feel inside. IContinue reading “Rest & Recharge Blog 04/03/2022”

Forgiveness Blog 02/03/2022

Felt the urge to write this blog (I’ve also written in my diary/journal today before i decided to write this blog). As I’ve been feeling like this the past week. The last few days/past week I’ve been kicking my own arse for having negative thoughts/feelings in the past. For looking back & being my ownContinue reading “Forgiveness Blog 02/03/2022”

An Answered Question/Depression Blog 27/02/2022

I was asked a question. “How much effort do you put into creating such a wonderful informed website?”. The truth is some of the songs/poems were wrote in my early teen years. I merely dug out old song/poem books from my youth, decided which ones to put on the website & publish them. The hopeContinue reading “An Answered Question/Depression Blog 27/02/2022”

Memories & Emotions Blog 23/02/2022

Everyone’s got a version of you in their head. You’ve even got a version if how you see yourself. Which most people don’t know about. The best thing is people sometimes don’t know who you really are. They might have memories of you, heard hearsay/gossip. Even someone really close to you doesn’t know 100% ofContinue reading “Memories & Emotions Blog 23/02/2022”

2minute Love & Light Poem (with a little info) 19/12/2021

Let me just, take a minute.And reminisce.How much I’ve grown, since this c*vid mist.I see the world, with my 3rd eye.I see through the illusion, the bullshit & lies.I see through the fear, the tales the media spread.I see through all the hate & divison of dread.I see the fear, that lies, behind the masks.IContinue reading “2minute Love & Light Poem (with a little info) 19/12/2021”

I Cried……. Blog 13/12/2021

Well…… I’ve just had a cry….. I saw a post earlier that triggered me…… So i let it all out…. I let all the tears flow & fall from my eyes & wiped them on my jumper….. I let my emotions out into the universe & spoke how i felt…… I allowed myself to cry,Continue reading “I Cried……. Blog 13/12/2021”

Energy Surfers Blog 12/12/2021

Happy & Blessed 12/12 beautiful BEings *Nameste* Many may have felt AngerFrustrationSadnessIsolationLonely These last few weeks & especially these last few years. For some it comes in waves……. You go through a period of calm… Then Wham!!!!!!! You’re hit by a wave of negative emotions. You surf….. Wave after wave after wave…… I’ve come toContinue reading “Energy Surfers Blog 12/12/2021”

Inner Glow Blog 02/12/2021

Today…………… I took a moment & looked down at my feet.Not pampered with nail varnish.Just natural. And i thoughtWow, how beautiful they look. Then i went to the mirror & said……… ILoveYouBody. I remember in my teens. I was offered dental surgery to “fix” my crooked smile which at the time would of involved myContinue reading “Inner Glow Blog 02/12/2021”