Rising New Day Poem 21/01/2022

Focused on the future…..Yet, remembering the past…..Growing.Changing.Evolving.Wondering how long a low moment will last?.Not who i used to be.1 step closer to, whom I’m yet to become.Back & forth between memories.Like bouncing from stepping stones. One by One.3steps forward, yet head looks back.Like looking at an imperfect crack.Flaws & faults.Mistakes & regrets.Will the mind everContinue reading “Rising New Day Poem 21/01/2022”

Limbo Poem 27/12/2021

I’m sitting here crying.Even i don’t know why.Old emotions resurfacing.Overthinking as to why.Feeling the pain.As if it were yesterday.Nearly 10years ago.I still remember that day.An anniversary of heartache.Which i wish i could forget.Deep sadness & sorrow.Tied with longing regret.Hindsight a stalking, nagging bitch.Emotions flared with an anxious twitch.Why am i feeling this way?I do notContinue reading “Limbo Poem 27/12/2021”

2Min Pick Me Up Poem 26/12/2021

Oh weary & tired soul.You’ve been through so much.So much pain, frustration & sorrow.So many tears you have weeped.At times, you’ve found it hard to sleep.Mind racing, unable to switch off.Sometimes you’ve wondered, if you’re enough.You go through phases, like the moon at night.Sometimes you wonder, if you’ll win this fight.Sometimes you shed, but aContinue reading “2Min Pick Me Up Poem 26/12/2021”

Last Christmas Poem 25/12/2021

*Sometimes in life. It takes a long time to finally admit that things aren’t working. In this case, a relationship. Long years together yet we’ve been drifting apart. The short row this morning made it clear. We’re not meant to be together. And despite me launching this site in July 2021. You’re properly never goingContinue reading “Last Christmas Poem 25/12/2021”

Captured Memories Poem 23/12/2021

*This poem is dedicated to all my family. Both near & far. Both in person as well in Spirit* Looking back.At these photographs.Feeling the love, & remembering the laughs.The smiles of youth & the grace of the wise.The laughter of picnics, under sunset skies.Happy memories of young & old.Listening to stories of their memories beingContinue reading “Captured Memories Poem 23/12/2021”

2minute Love & Light Poem (with a little info) 19/12/2021

Let me just, take a minute.And reminisce.How much I’ve grown, since this c*vid mist.I see the world, with my 3rd eye.I see through the illusion, the bullshit & lies.I see through the fear, the tales the media spread.I see through all the hate & divison of dread.I see the fear, that lies, behind the masks.IContinue reading “2minute Love & Light Poem (with a little info) 19/12/2021”

Mum Poem 13/12/2021

Dedicated to my one & only mum. We’ve had our ups & downs. But i wouldn’t change you for the world. I Love You Crazy Lady. I don’t wanna be/ain’t mad at you, for the way things went down.I know you only raised me, the best way, you know how.I know growing up, i wasn’tContinue reading “Mum Poem 13/12/2021”

Raw Rebirth Poem 05/12/2021

Goodbye, to who i used to be.Stuck in a void, of who I’m yet to be.The darkness of renewing.The sadness of not knowing.The mind fog & frustration.All becomes part of, the transformation.The low emotions.And the tears that will fall.Dark Night of the Soul.Cocooned within a protective wall.I’ve been here many times.I know the motions.I knowContinue reading “Raw Rebirth Poem 05/12/2021”

Inner Focus Poem 03/12/2021

I really like ya, but i shouldnt…….Although the topic is taboo…So many people stuck in toxic relationships…..When i sometimes dream of being, stuck with you.The craziness of what if, the temptation of what could be.So many unhappy people, longing to be free.Maybe in another life, another world, another dream.Maybe in another reality, we possibly couldContinue reading “Inner Focus Poem 03/12/2021”

2 Worlds Poem 29/11/2021

I’m existing in, 2 different worlds.1 I’m living in & 1 I’m dreaming of. Nearly in every dream, i see the same face.It’s like a connection, i can’t explain.Maybe I’m over thinking.Maybe the synchronisities are leading the way.It’s like trying to navigate the path through a dark fog.I stop trying to figure it out &Continue reading “2 Worlds Poem 29/11/2021”