What I’m Trying Not To Say. 25/01/2006.

*A break up poem* Hidden message.Hidden thoughts.Hidden feelings.Hidden heart.Hidden love.And all the pain of moving on when the past is still a comforting memory of what you once had.And a sad voice of a memory when you hear the words “move on, i don’t love you”.Deep in the core of your mind and the screwContinue reading “What I’m Trying Not To Say. 25/01/2006.”

My Love 4 U. 20/09/2005. 12:14AM.

*A poem about first loves in those teenage years of life* (Personal note if anyone’s curious… No it didn’t last but alot of lessons were learned.) I know a day will come.When we’ll go our separate ways.Our hearts will break & we’ll drift in different directions.In time the pain will fade & a new loveContinue reading “My Love 4 U. 20/09/2005. 12:14AM.”

Grudge. 17/08/2009

You can keep, spreading your lies.Twisting the truth, in your eyes.Your manipulatings, so frustrating.The lies become your truth.From the depths of your soul.You’ve dug this massive hole.You’re wrapped up in deceit.It started at your feet.You’ll just carry on…….Lying to loved ones, and friends you hold dear.Is there even truth behind the exterior.You’re too far gone.It’sContinue reading “Grudge. 17/08/2009”

Me Right Now. 26/05/2005

*A Poem About Depression* Feel so lost, like I’m in a deep hole with no end.Constantly blaming myself, will the pain ever end?.I’m all alone here in this death trap, everyday hurts more than the first.In my mind I’m running, I’m running faster & faster.I’m running away, I’m trying not to look back but it’sContinue reading “Me Right Now. 26/05/2005”

Destiny Angel VS Life. 19/05/2005.

*A poem about a loved one who passed on* Destiny Angel VS Life.19/05/2005. Singing a song today.Trying to get through another day.Trying to keep myself together.Still got this shooting pain in my heart.I’m dreaming of tomorrow & I’m hoping I’ll be happy coz being sad just ain’t me. Wonder if I’ll find love.Wonder what willContinue reading “Destiny Angel VS Life. 19/05/2005.”