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Evolved *ALOT of Swearing* Blog 30/01/2023

*Contains alot of swearing*Sitting here & felt inspired to blog.I’ve learnt a lot these past few years & especially this past month.I’m beginning to fully know & realise.Who was there for me.Who was there for that chapter.& Who never was there for me.It really hit me hard over the last 24hrs.Like a feeling you try…

Observer (Cycles) Blog 27/01/2023

Today’s moments………..I woke up feeling angry (due to being triggered by a moment yesterday).I deeply listened to how i was feeling & it wasn’t anger.Under the mask of anger was sadness hidden in a corner crying & looking at an old wound & wondering if the wound had healed. I spent the early moments thinking…

7 Months & 7 Beautiful Souls Blog 25/01/2023

It’s crazy how your life can change in a few moments, minutes, hours, days, months & even years.I listened to a message that I was sent a while ago (“You might want to listen to this recording more than once”).I listened to the recording last night & it was like I was ticking off a…

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