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A Stop Is Not A Destination Blog 29/05/2023

*This blog has a mention of suicide, low vibes, & PMS/PMDD. Ladies if you experience a low mood around your period you could have PMDD symptoms which are a more fiercer/severe version of PMS symptoms. If you feel you may need help please speak to someone you trust, seek a Dr or your local holistic…

I Found HER. A Year Of Evolving Blog 24/05/2023

I felt to write a blog about Free Will.A few months ago.I was at a crossroads in regards to my relationship.The thoughts i had at the time were….”Does he still want to be together?”.”Maybe this is the next step on a new path for me?”.”Do I want to be with him?”.”Can we make the relationship…

Where/Wear You’re Meant To BE 22/05/2023

Wherever you go. Whatever you wear. Your energy is needed there. For me today, I’m dressed in a black/white floral skirt, black tank top, black cardigan & white trainers. I’m wearing a black tourmaline & clear quartz necklace with the ankh cross. Yesterday I was in blue denim shorts & a hot pink/fushia top. Other…

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