What I’ve Learned So Far Blog 24/01/2023

So today I woke up from a dream feeling uneasy. These emotions continued whilst I was getting ready for work even to the point of ‘should I go in today?’. A potential panic/anxiety attack loomed in my mind. However I was in the frame of mind of being productive instead of sitting at home withContinue reading “What I’ve Learned So Far Blog 24/01/2023”

Mini Meditation Blog 15/03/2022

Decided to do a mini meditation. If you’ve seen 1 of my videos before on Instagram you’ll know i normally meditate with 7candles as well as white Californian sage & palo santo wood. And noticeably a few more crystals. However tonight i decided to do a mini meditation session (I’ve had a few anxiety episodesContinue reading “Mini Meditation Blog 15/03/2022”