Past Vs Future (Questions) Blog 31/01/2022

In my mid 30s I’ve realised alot. I’ve also got a few regrets, mistakes & chances i didn’t take. In hindsight there’s so much i would of done differently. Honestly my main 2 regrets are…………. 1) not saying yes to the crush i had in school & taking that chance.And2) not ending a bad relationshipContinue reading “Past Vs Future (Questions) Blog 31/01/2022”

To You All *Thank You* Blog 16/12/2021

Just wanted to say……. Thank You To all of those who have had a look at my site, posted a comment, subscribed & followed x I hope some of the content has helped you all in your personal journey. I started the site as i wanted a creative outlet for the world to see myContinue reading “To You All *Thank You* Blog 16/12/2021”