I Need Poem 16/02/2023

No ones there anymore.Those who were, are gone.I’ve tried so hard to keep my head up & remain strong.The truth is I’m breaking.Piece by piece.During each angry word.Even when I speak my mind.My voice is never heard. I give advice & genuinely care.But when it comes to my own self help.I’m normally the last 1Continue reading “I Need Poem 16/02/2023”

If You Were Here Poem 04/01/2023

I wrote this poem before I left for work in the early moments of today. It was written for a loved one who passed on too soon many years ago on the 4th January. If you were here….Maybe things wouldn’t of played out as the did.If you were here….You could be held, instead you areContinue reading “If You Were Here Poem 04/01/2023”

Evolve Poem 03/01/2023

Alone….. How sombre & silent it is to be alone.Where once a racing mind now treads alone.Steady heartbeat.Silent mind.Slow & steadyPasses the time. The silent whispers of one’s breath.1 deep breath in & another left.In the silence, comes one’s clarity.No outside noises disturbing one’s inner peace.A sacred moment.Where mind & body become one.No outside noise.AtContinue reading “Evolve Poem 03/01/2023”