Quick Blog 11/09/2022

Sure you can be love, light & all things nice. But……… Unless you’re doing shadow work, inner work, recognising old negative behaviours/patterns & breaking them, healing & releasing past traumas, actually genuinely interested in Evolving & BEcoming better. It all means jacksh*t, unless you’re willing to do the intergrational ground work the love & lightContinue reading “Quick Blog 11/09/2022”

Morning Moments Poem 12/07/2022

Let me lie here.Down on the ground.Closer to Mother Earth.Let me listen to the sound.Allow me to have this moment.Allow me to lay here.Whilst i transform the energies from hate anger & fear.Allow my tears to flow.Whilst they cleanse the soul.Transforming from Dark to Light.Neither is ever separate.For they are always whole.Allow me to rest.ComfyContinue reading “Morning Moments Poem 12/07/2022”