Rise Warrior Poem 26/02/2022

I’m seeing changes.I don’t want to see.I’m seeing compromised immune systems,From friends & family.Years taken, in the blink of an eye.Believing the media.That are paid to lie.Years full on.Pumped out fear.Blaring through the tvs.And spreading from ear to ear.Separation.Lonely & isolating segregation.Vax on parade.Get them in, shoot em up & get them out.Millions protesting inContinue reading “Rise Warrior Poem 26/02/2022”

5D/New Earth Dreaming Blog 21/02/2022

The last few days…… I’ve been drawn to the film……… FERNGULLY The Last Rainforest. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. Memories of being a kid & watching it in wonder. Connecting with my inner child (listening to music from my childhood/teen years). Imagining what the world would be like if we all livedContinue reading “5D/New Earth Dreaming Blog 21/02/2022”

Powerful Blog 18/02/2022

Listening to the storm………How powerful & creative Mother Gaia is……The wonder & beauty all around us. We currently have powercuts where i am. Yet i am enjoying the peace & silence of no tv & no technology. Just as Mother Gaia is unleashing a storm. Remember you too hold power. Clear your mind.Be still inContinue reading “Powerful Blog 18/02/2022”

Abit About Me Blog 19/12/2021

*******Free Spirit******* I wanted to do an intro & give you a glimpse into who i am. I’m Spiritual. (No, not the stereotype of getting on my knees & praying each night or going to church). I think I’ve said the word Fuck more times than I’ve actually prayed lol. There’s certain bits from religionsContinue reading “Abit About Me Blog 19/12/2021”

Reflecting on 2020/2021 Blog 16/12/2021

2021……..What changed? Many may be on their spiritual awakening journey……… You’ve probably faced & made a few changes along the way……. Reflecting back on 2021 maybe even 2020……. I’ve made a few changes….. • I gave up & stopped eating beef & pork.• I stopped drinking cow’s milk. Instead have oat/coconut milk.• I chose organicContinue reading “Reflecting on 2020/2021 Blog 16/12/2021”

I Cried……. Blog 13/12/2021

Well…… I’ve just had a cry….. I saw a post earlier that triggered me…… So i let it all out…. I let all the tears flow & fall from my eyes & wiped them on my jumper….. I let my emotions out into the universe & spoke how i felt…… I allowed myself to cry,Continue reading “I Cried……. Blog 13/12/2021”