With Each Beat Blog 16/12/2022

I felt the urge to write this blog. As some know I have been feeling anxious these last couple of weeks. Now some may be asking… “What have you got to be anxious about?”. Like it’s become a competition or you’ve possibly felt your thoughts/feelings are irrational when compared to someone else’s life. At timesContinue reading “With Each Beat Blog 16/12/2022”

Dedicated To 6 Special Ladies Blog 14/08/2022

*I’m not sure if any of you BEautiful BEings will see this but i just wanted to let you know. I think about each of you & i hope your own journeys are going well. I feel many have been healing, shifting & transforming in solitude (i feel to say even mental solitude when aroundContinue reading “Dedicated To 6 Special Ladies Blog 14/08/2022”

To You All *Thank You* Blog 16/12/2021

Just wanted to say……. Thank You To all of those who have had a look at my site, posted a comment, subscribed & followed x I hope some of the content has helped you all in your personal journey. I started the site as i wanted a creative outlet for the world to see myContinue reading “To You All *Thank You* Blog 16/12/2021”