Instagram Blog/Post 27/03/2023

I saw watching a episode of Greys Anatomy lastnight. Where a teen tried to cut his hand off. There was a scene between Kepner & the teen where they spoke about the Bible. As I was watching the scene/episode (commandment 1 & psalm 23 *Luke 17:21 God is Within You) a few things came toContinue reading “Instagram Blog/Post 27/03/2023”

Trying Not To Trigger Poem 14/10/2022

*Poetry has always been my release. Sometimes it’s felt alot easier for me to say how i feel in lyrics & verses than say it face to face* Please don’t take it personal.While i take this time to BE.I need to sit & take some time, to reconnect with my energy.Lately I’ve spread myself toContinue reading “Trying Not To Trigger Poem 14/10/2022”