Stronger. 07/08/2012

This is why i don’t fall in love.
Cause it’s hard to get out of.
All those words said.
Flowing around in my head.
I thought they were true.
I must of been a fool.
Who could ever love a girl like me.
A girl who’s 24 but acts 13.
A girl who laughs.
A girl who cries.
A girl who knows when to be wise.
A girl who acts the fool.
A girl who used to bunk school.
A girl who never says can’t.

You only see.
What she lets you see.
You’ll see her laugh.
You’ll see her smile.
Even if deep inside.
She’s been down for a while.
To see you smile.
Is all she needs.
As long as you’re smiling.
She’s at ease.

You’ll never see me cry.
You’ll never see me hurt.
You’ll never see me in pain.
I’m not just a bit of skirt.
You won’t break me.
Try if you dare.
I’ll keep smiling.
Without a care.
I’ll stand.
All on my own.
I’ll be ok.
All alone.
I’ll stand my ground.
Come what may.
I don’t do d**kheads.
So stay the f**k away.
I’m single.
So it will be.
It’s gonna take a real knight in shining armour.
To make me happy.


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