Phoenix. 20/11/2018.

You can’t…
Hurt me no more.
No you can’t..
Get to me like. you.did. before.
Like a Phoenix from the flame.
Time healed the pain.
And baby I… I rised again!.
No you don’t hurt me  no more.

All those years ago.
I was depressed I was real low.
You held me in your hands
And crushed me over and over again.
Til 1day u walked away.
You took a piece of me that damn day.
You should have gone on your own.
But you took a treasure that was stolen.


Days weeks & months went by.
I faced every single trial.
Every burning hoop of fire I went through.
That time in my life was dark.
But I carried on & eventually
Saw. the. stars.
The pain I felt all those years ago.
It hasn’t gone but it’s made me grow.


Grow into the woman I am now & I’ll be damned if you try to bring me down!
No you can’t get to me no more
Grown woman who fought through the pain & I won’t ever lose my fire again.
No you won’t ever get to me again………

No you can’t hurt me no more………….

You can’t get to me no more……..


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