Old Banana = Old Behaviour Blog 30/10/2021

The last week has felt like an emotional rollercoaster.


Today I’m sitting here & thinking of

Banana Skins on the Floor.

As in………

The Old Banana Skin representing

Old Emotions & Old Behaviours.

Have you ever been in a situation where you Slipped up on that Old You Banana Skin?

Whether it be……

Eating Behaviours


Sometimes you slip up on that Old Banana Skin (behaviour/pattern).

And other times you’ll catch yourself (“that behaviour isn’t what i align with/doesn’t feel good anymore”).

It’s the noticing that’s the trick.

Eg- Someone is gossiping about someone. Now in the past you loved gossip but now it doesn’t feel right & you OBserve (thinking- how would that person *the 1 talking* feel if they were to be gossiped about?). So you go quiet & OBserve or you tell the person you’re not interested in gossiping about someone’s life/choices when you’ve got better things to focus on/think about as their life & choices has nothing to do with you & is none of your business.

Yes, sometimes we can slip up on that Old Banana Skin & normally it isn’t until later on that day or a few days later that you realise it. And think “Shit i slipped up”. Then you forgive yourself for not watching yourself & watching out for those Old Banana Skin(s). And chose to be more mindful. And in doing so as you change your old behaviours/patterns other people will notice & might chose to be mindful of their own lives/Old Banana Skins in the future.

You see……

As you change & grow some aspects of Who You Are can change also.

Like shedding old layers of skin & renewed skin coming through.

With the Realising comes the Acknowledging then Releasing (In my case crying).

Never been much of a cryier ever (could have something to do with my birthchart lol).

Some of us as we grew up were told

*Just get on with it.
*Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.
*Man/Woman Up.

Emotions getting swept under the carpet.

Only for those emotions to be triggered & to resurface later on in life.

Beware of Old Behaviours & Old Patterns.

Remember to take some time out to nurture yourself when you feel old emotions/traumas opening up. Sometimes time alone can be very insightful. Sort of like finding & rediscovering yourself in solitude.

Becoming the best person you can be is like shedding old layers of skin, patterns, behaviours (in some cases even people can drift away/apart) that are no longer in alignment with the Best Person You’re BEcoming.

We all slip up in life. We all go through our own personal trauma.

It’s ok to slip up & make mistakes now & again.

It’s also ok to cry & let your tears flow.

Be Mindful of your Old Banana Skins (old behaviours & patterns).

Take time out to release & nurture yourself.

The Catapillar didn’t BEcome the Butterfly without going through the process of shedding, dissolving (cocoon/Catapillar Sludge) renewing, transforming & then Blossoming into the Butterfly.

Blooming can take time, try not to rush the process.

Temples aren’t built in a day.

Be kind to yourself. You’re in the process of Transformation from the Old You into the New You.

Don’t give up.

You’ve got this.

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia i hope you have a Blessed Day xxxx


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