Dark Night Of The Soul Blog 27/11/2021

The Dark Soul of the Night.

Many think it just happens once.

When in fact it can happen many times throughout someone’s Spiritual Awakening/Journey/Stairway to Self Discovery.

You’ll have days/weeks maybe even months or years where you’re totally blissed out & transforming energies along your journey & in your everyday life (whether you realise it or not) like walking into a negative situation & turning the outcome into a positive one.

Then 1day it will creep up on you like a dark shadow.

You’ll be in a situation or frame of mind where you’ll just start to deeply question your existence.

Am i really happy?
Is this person right for me?
Will things ever change?
Who am i?
What is my purpose?
Why am i feeling this way?
Why did that trigger me?
Did i make the right decision?
I made a decision & it turned out to be a mistake or a different redirection?.

You might feel
Fed up
Depressed (some have said if you experience depression it can be a sign that the body needs Deep-rest *when you break it down….
De-pressed= Deep-rest*)

You see to evolve & become the best version of you………

You’re going to go through constant changes.

Like the transformation of the
Catapillar Sludge

Over & Over.

1) Changing
2) Transforming
3) Emerging & BEcoming

Evolution/Spiritual Journey is a Spiral.
Some days you’ll go up & others days you’ll go down.

It’s a constant learning process.

It’s never a straight jump/leap.

Remember You’re going through a process of change & rebirth to BEcome a new you.

*Please refer to my prior blog Stress/Anxiety Tips for ways to help release*

You’re a Fighter.
You’re a Warrior.
Keep Going.
You’ve got this.

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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