Blooming From The Darkness Blog 23/03/2023

As some of you may know regarding my latest Instagram post. I’m taking a break off social media.

Yet that doesn’t mean I’ve taken a break from the website & being creative.

I felt the urge to blog in these moments.

Tuesday was an interesting & intense day for me full of eye opening moments.

I had a personal reading done & it was like pieces of a jigsaw coming together.

1 thing that has rung true in the last 48hrs is Self Belief.

For a majority of my life I was looking & searching for external validation from those around me.

Their beliefs became my beliefs. Sometimes I got so caught up in the wheel of being liked, I’d go against my intuition.

Well let me tell you this……….

That cycle has come to an end.

I AM Powerful.
I AM Beautiful.
I Fully & wholeheartedly Forgive Myself.

And I am going to continue to walk my own path.

Regardless of any petty bitchy low vibrational gossip that others may be assuming.

If you’re still running in that circle.

Take a long hard look at yourself.

I AM grateful for having a small circle of those I know who are meant to be on my journey.

As I know the Universe will move those no longer on my wavelength off my path.

We learn so much from people who are sometimes merely passing by on our journey. Some will stay, some will go.

It’s evolving along the journey which is the mastery.

I’m unshackling myself from all options, beliefs & behaviours which aren’t my own.

I call back all of my power & I return to sender all energy (light & dark) which isn’t my own.

I am capable of wonderful things.

And whilst I take this time to work on which creative direction I’m going to be taking next.

I know I already know the way.

I trust myself wholeheartedly mind, body & soul.

I’m a Powerful force of nature *Great Mother Gaia* & A Sovereign BEing of the Universe.

As Dolores Cannon said “Earth is a school to master energy” & my palms are buzzing with energy to start creating & allowing all of my divine gifts to be channeled & created in the physical through me.

I’m ready to walk up to the precipice & take the leap into who I came here to be.

Like a lotus cracking through her delicate shell & bloom after being in the darkness for so long.

Each of us hold the power to pave our own destiny.

It’s drowning & shutting out the outside external noises that aren’t our true self, which is the problem.

Unshackle yourself dear one.
It’s time to fly free.

You’re unshakeable.
You’re unbreakable.

Claim your Sovereignty.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


One thought on “Blooming From The Darkness Blog 23/03/2023

  1. Such BEautiful heartfelt words Kat, I AM always here darling even though I often don’t reach out first anymore (part of my evolution) and am BEing small on the outside so that the inner me can luxuriate in the expanded consciousness that is β€˜home’ 🌟🌟
    Love you always, and keep shining bright 🌟🌈🌟

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