The Dark. 28/06/2006.

*A poem about leaving the teenage years behind & entering the uncertainty of Adulthood*

Broken bottles of tears on the floor.
A secret pain i cry no more.
In my room i sit & weep.
Hoping my tears will help me to sleep.
In the dark & silence my secret tears are.
No one can see them from a far.
It’s as if my room is a secret jar with a silver lock & key.
Bit there is no lock it’s an illusion.
The keys just there for a bit of confusion.
As i sit here in the dark.
I’m looking for a spark.
A spark that was me.
A spark that made me happy.
A smile that maturity has washed away & you’re left with a empty core of Adulthood.
I really wish i could get my spark back.
But i can’t you see, I’ve lost track.
Lost track of time.
Lost track of me.
It’s the end of the hype, therefore the end of me.
It’s the end of an era.
Welcome to Maturity.


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