Instagram Post Blog 03/02/2022

This resonated so much i had to share (This is from the app The Pattern)……


Over the last few days/weeks I’ve been feeling playful & connecting with what i enjoy doing (painting, poems/songs, blogging, singing, dancing, listening to uplifting music & music that reminded me of old childhood memories *old school tracks*).

Had a bath with essential oils, listened to chilled calming music & put my ears under the water to hear the stillness & low vibrational beats of the music & my own heartbeat. It felt so soothing & very calming. Blanked everything out of my mind & just enjoyed the moment of
Just BEing.

Today i meditated for the 1st time in a while & completed a course in something I’m actually interested in (holistic therapy) & I’ve got another course already lined up (advanced homopathy).

It’s so amazing feeling, embracing & loving who you truly are………..

Unleashing yourself of the shackles of other people’s opinions & dramas.

Setting yourself free……………

Today i freed myself.

I stood in & claimed my own power.

I remembered who the f**k i am (f**k the low feelings of anxiety, overthinking & pointless What Ifs).

Although I’ve had many of these moments before (high vibes then low ebs then moments of where the f**k do i go from here? & then round again).

My point is

Remember who you were before the bullshit.

Connect with the hobbies you loved doing.

And find the bad ass mofo confidence to let that inner light shine through & step into the person you are BEcoming.

In doing so………..

You light the way for others to follow their own divine path…….

Keep Going……

Keep Shining……..

You’ve got this………..

I’ve got you & i love you………..


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