Sleep Paralysis/Night Terrors Blog 13/06/2022

*Please seek professional medical advice/help if this happens to you regularly*.

During your Spiritual Awakening Journey you might of come across the words…….

Sleep Paralysis.
Night Terrors.

It can be a scary experience to go through.

I have been through the experience a few times.

It’s like you’re half asleep & half awake.

Yet you can’t move & can hardly speak.

You’re conscious yet not fully awake.

For me I’ve had experiences where i could only mumble for help & was panicking.

Experiencing one at night was scary & it made me feel wary about going to sleep so much so that i would try & stay awake.

I also experienced one during a deep daytime nap. Where i thought I’d lifted my arm (mentally telling my arm to move) only for it not to move.

If you’ve got someone close by, i found it handy to make them aware so that if you do experience it again, they can listen out for you & gently wake you up.

It’s also connected to Astral Travel (a concept of when the soul leaves the body & travels to other realms). No you’re not dead, your body & soul is connected by a silver cord. Plus your guardian angels/angels look out for you.

It’s like your body goes into pilot mode whilst your soul travels.

With the intense energies coming in, the body needs time to adjust. So getting alot of sleep/rest, grounding & drinking water is paramount as well as eating a healthy diet full of organic fruit & veg. Pure spring water is also good.

Helpful resources………

Dolores Cannon.
Magenta Pixie.

If you’re worried about experiencing it…….

Call in your angels & ask for protection whilst you sleep. Also ask that they keep the dark energies/evil forces away from you.

Hold your hand out in a stop motion & say

“I banish all negative & dark energies from this space. You are not allowed here by the law of freewill be gone.”

Imagine a golden ray pyramid shining down on you & surrounding your sleep area & surroundings.

You could also call in The Violet Flame (Magenta Pixie talks alot about it on her Telegram & YouTube channels).

Place a Black Obsidian crystal under your pillow whilst you sleep.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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