🎶Summer Blogging (Had Me A Shift)🎶 Blog 17/09/2022

This past week has been an eye opener.

For example the blog i wrote on Friday 10/09/2022 no longer resonates as things have shifted/changed.

This past week I’ve observed more & noticed alot whilst in silence & not responding.

People who are on my vibrational frequency have gravitated towards me, whilst others have taken a break/moved on.

In noticing their cycles i have uncovered my own & instead of being triggered I’ve acknowledged, healed & released.

I used to worry about losing people & tried to people please in the past to try & maintain connections. However this Summer has taught me alot.

In June a special group disbanded & i went through a period of loss & feeling low.

Yet as we came into July. I noticed more of my old behavioural cycles/patterns & triggers.

August was a month of healing & solitude.

And as September came. I emerged alot stronger. My boundaries were ionised. My attitude was/is calm & my inner peace is paramount. Plus I’m responding less & being stush with what/who i give my energy to (whether that be on social media or out & about everyday life).

I’m no longer holding on so tightly to people.
Even dreams where I’d used to overthink what i was dreaming have stopped.

I’m also more clear & direct with the Universe.

As for the Twin Flame curiosity. I’m leaving that down to the Universe & firmly believe they will find me when/if they’re destined too. That’s even if i have a Twin Flame.

Right now as i sit watching a film & look around at my beautiful house plants basking in the glorious sunlight.

I’m chilled & at peace.

It’s a surreal feeling.

One things for sure, I’m more content in my own skin than I’ve ever been in my life up til now & in these moments.

This has been the Summer of deep insight & transformation for me. And yes it was a rocky start in June but as the months have changed so too have i.

I used to dread change whilst growing up as it always felt like loss, grief & abandonment.

No one ever told you, that maybe, just maybe.
The change wasn’t meant to break & shake you.

It was infact meant to shift, transform & fundamentally evolve you into the being you came here to BE.

How beautiful to think that with each thought, action & moment that we are each closer to becoming who we came here to be.

With each old behavioural cycle & pattern. Acknowledged, healed & released. We’re un-chaining & un-shackling ourselves from what no longer resonates within us aswell as without/around us.

Keep going beautiful BEing.

You’re doing amazing.

And by changing/transforming/shifting/evolving yourself.

You’re shifting the whole vibrational frequency for the whole consciousness of Mankind/Womankind (some may call it Humanity).

Keep going.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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