Wild Blog *Adult Only Blog* 23/10/2022

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the energies or the phase of the moon.

But over the last 24hrs I’ve felt very protective, close & wild whenever I’ve been near my partner.

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure we all reveal a sexual Goddess/God when it comes to that side of the relationship.

Even whilst he’s lying next to me currently playing on his phone. I feel a pull to get between his arms.

It’s a surreal feeling as over the last few months i lost interest in that department & was happily chilling on my own in my own little world of wonder.

Yet the last few days I’ve felt drawn to him more than ever.

Like there’s a magnetic pull.

In these moments I slightly feel guilty (due to the TwinFlame connection/spiritual aspect).

That’s even if I have a twin flame (dreams have been scarce on that front over the last couple of weeks). All I know is, that if I do have a twin flame like a mirror he will be feeling/experiencing things the same or similar to me. He’ll be feeling my energy & it will be affecting him (whether he’s consciously aware or not).

Definitely feeling LOVE vibes in these moments.

Like I’m so full of love I just want to hug everyone & every BEing on Great Mother Gaia.

Like a shooting star running wild spreading love & high vibes.

Not sure if it’s the chemical hormone oxytocin running through my veins or a more deeper spiritual depth (DNA upgrades & light codes).


Loving my inner & outer divine Feminine.

And also allowing my wild sides of each my inner divine Feminine to run wild, free & merge with my partner when that sacred moment takes place.

You’ll be surprised how free & wild you feel with the right partner.

And in my case my 1st partner wasn’t a great match for me.

Neither were the 6 1xnight stands that followed (a time I was depressed, suicidal & desperate for love & validation).

Took a while but eventually I let my guard & walls down with my partner (it didn’t just happen in an instant. It took years for me to fully be myself after the carnage & damage from my 1st relationship).

As I look to the left side of me at my partner.

I can’t believe how chilled I am in these moments whilst he’s next to me.

Even whilst he’s mildly swearing at a game level he didn’t pass.

In these moments I feel to say.
Be with your partner.
Hold them.
Nurture them.
Care for them.
Encourage them.
Nourish them.
Love them.
Support them.
Actively listen & genuinely be there for them.

Every day & moment doesn’t need to be a battlefield & choose your battles wisely as the damage can last for years in the mind of your loved one/partner.

Some of us really do have the memory capacity of an elephant (I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the saying- “An elephant never forgets”).

Also if you have little ones remember you’re setting an example of how to be treated/treat someone when they get older.


If you show them hate/arguments/abuse that’s what they will project onto others in their adult lives/relationships.

I know all relationships have there ups & downs (when I sometimes hear that. It sounds like a cop-out to normalise arguments 🤨🙄).

Please try to keep adult matters away from the children (I know it’s easier said than done when your in that battlefield moment).

I’m gonna leave the blog there before I rabbit on about anything random that pops/comes to mind (pardon the naughty pun 🤣).

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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