Bridges & Boundaries Blog 29/10/2022

This past month I’ve found I’ve triggered a few people as well as felt triggered myself.

I stopped saying Yes (people pleasing).

And started saying No (laying boundaries).

I’ve also felt triggered myself several times this month.

I know I’m constantly evolving in each moment. And in doing so shedding behavioural patterns & breaking cycles.

I’ve noticed whilst observing that I’m beginning to drift away from certain people/situations.

You see sometimes what happens when you set a boundary, some people may not like it/respect your decision.

For me this past month.

I did upset someone close to me when I handed my notice in at my employment.
I wasn’t happy in the role anymore & wanted a change.

I also upset another individual when I said being brought up in the educational system wasn’t what I wanted for my children.

I was bullied at school.

I found the system put everyone in the same old stereotypical box & diminished a child’s uniqueness, strengths & dreams.

There was a lot of competitiveness & hierarchy (popular kids, emos, goths, smart kids etc).

In those 2 situations alone I know the duality/dynamic is changing.

My response in the early moments today was “I don’t remember asking for your opinion”. When normally the old pattern of behaviour would be trying to justify myself & to try keep the other person happy.

Then feeling low & deflated feeling that I ‘had’ done something wrong.

We’re always told to be kind & make people happy. But when did it cost us our own peace of mind?.

I realised yesterday that I knew some bridges would be getting burned soon.

I know as my vibrational frequency increases, I will/may unintentionally be triggering others (and in doing so highlight what they need to heal internally & release) & some bonds may be burnt/people drift away.

These days more than ever I’m very stoosh where my energy goes (think of it as vibrational currency). I won’t just be giving it away like free candy at Halloween.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m becoming anti social.
Then again I wonder if I’m picking up too much on other people’s individual energies (Empathic).

There’s always an energy exchange whenever you interact with someone (even whilst you’re reading this blog, there’s an energy exchange happening).

As I’ve said on many of my blogs before.

Where your focus goes, energy flows.

I also realised this week that if I go against inner intuition & go against the flow of the Universe. I felt anxious, overwhelmed, lost & fed up (like a toddler having a tantrum on the naughty step).

Once I’d let go & went with the flow of the Universe. Metaphorically it was like lying on a lilo travelling down a calm soothing river in the sunshine.

I know the more I heal & release. The more I BEcome the Witch/Bitch/Goddess who I came here to BE.

So since Halloween & Guy Fawkes (Bonfire night) are a few sleeps away.

I’m going to sit & observe if any bridges do burn.

Or if the individual was meant to be in my life.

I’m focusing on me (I never want to lose myself ever again. Even as I’m evolving in each moment).

As for the people pleasing.

That cycle has broken.

I’m approachable, not accessible.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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