Crying & Clearing Blog 28/10/2022

Today I’ve had alot on my mind.

I’ve been for a walk in nature & visited 1 of my favourite places.

I shook my chakras to try & clear out trapped energy/emotions.

I put a drop of DoTerra OnGuard essential oil on my hands & inhaled (please speak to a DoTerra representative before using).

Now I’m sat, cuddling a pillow & allowing myself to cry.

I’m not feeling sad.
I’m not feeling depressed.
I’m not feeling low.

I rarely ever cry.

Yet I needed that very rare, gentle & soulful release.

That feeling of feeling vulnerable.
Allowing my inner guard to step down. Allowing a wall to fall & the floodgates to open.

To me in these sincere moments, it feels very Feminine to allow myself to feeling into my emotions & release them from my body. Without judgement or criticism.

Like admiring each delicate petal of a flower.

The darkness which a lotus blooms.

The thorns from a rose stem.

The intericate beauty of a small, simple, wild wallflower growing out of the brickwork.

Just as a shed these tears, I know I’m uncovering a layer of myself & discovering my own uniquely beautiful inner sacred self/the hidden evolving goddess.

So in these moments as I cuddle this soft pillow & nuzzle my tears into the smooth soft fibres.

I know it’s ok to feel vulnerable & need a hug.
I know it’s ok to cry & allow those uniquely shaped tears to fall.

As each tear is unique just as each make up of a snowflake is unique.

I’m releasing trapped emotions from my body.

At times my throat may feel choked up (possibly from trapped emotions/feelings/words unspoken).

My heartbeats slow down in calming synchronisation with each deep breath I take.

Like a melody created in beautiful unison by my divine body.

My mind is clear.
I feel at ease.
I still cuddle my pillow.
And deeply Breathe…………..

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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