To You All *Thank You* Blog 16/12/2021

Just wanted to say…….

Thank You

To all of those who have had a look at my site, posted a comment, subscribed & followed x

I hope some of the content has helped you all in your personal journey.

I started the site as i wanted a creative outlet for the world to see my work & in doing so help others.

I wrote a few of the old ones in my teen years (whether you’re going through those teen years or have been through them. I’m sure you’ll understand what a crazy time that is).

From those teen years. I used writing as a form of release. The poems & songs followed.

Reflecting…… writing has become my form of creative release. Any built up emotions, lyrics, rhymes all let out & placed on a page.

I hope my writing has helped you as much as it has helped me release & go with the flow…….



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