This One’s For You *K.E* Blog 08/04/2022

*I felt inspired to write this blog after speaking to an old friend. You amazingly beautiful crazy warrior woman. I’ve got your back. I love you K*

P.s- this goes out to all my loved ones also. You know who you are xxxxx

When i say to someone (a friend/loved one)………

I’ve got your back.

You’re divinely protected.

I don’t say these lightly.

It means my energy is protecting you.

It means………

Come to me whenever you feel to. Call me/message me anytime day or night. If i don’t answer on the first few rings, i will get back to you.

I will listen to you, i will hear you out, i will comfort you.

If you need to vent, let me listen to that rage.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, i have 2.

If you need a hug, my arms are open.

If you need guidance, i will try my best to advise you.

If you need support, i will be there by your side.

If your world is falling apart & you’re facing the abyss of depression, Ring me & i will be there for you.

There’s so many ways we can offer help to someone. And 1 of the most simple ways is to Listen.

When someone is at their lowest, it can feel so isolating & lonely.

Since we were young, it’s been instilled into us that we should sort our own problems out on our own as ‘it will make you strong’.

That’s utter bull crap!.

Trauma can last a lifetime.

It’s time we spoke openly about it without feeling…….

Saying sorry.
Feeling inferior.

Never lose your inner voice.

The world can be a harsh place at times especially with the narcissists & arseholes.

YOU mean so much. Don’t let the crap you’ve been through harden your heart, break your spirit & dim your shine.

You’re beautiful.
You’re unique.
You’re amazing.

Please don’t ever feel that you don’t deserve happiness, you deserve true happiness & true love.

You will make it through the dark moments & you will feel the warm glow of happy light moments again.

Keep going brave one.

You’ve got this.



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