Beauty’s Within Poem 03/06/2022

No make up.
Passed giving a fuck.
No filter.
Not pushing my luck.
Feeling good.
In my own skin.
Gave up long ago.
Trying to fit in.
My cheeks are rosy.
From smiling today.
Fuck the concealer.
I’ve put it away.
Chilling in my joggers.
High vibing away.
People can save their opinions.
For another day.
Letting my skin breathe.
Keeping it clean.
No hidden toxic chemicals sinking in me.
Resting when i wanna.
Listening to me.
My inner voice.
That’s been screaming lately.
Calming anxiety.
Chilling the nerves.
My own inner guidance needed to be heard.
Beauty glows from within you see.
If i could be anybody,
I wouldn’t wanna be.
Anyone else,
But me.


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