Mish-Mash Blog 05/08/2022

Quick blog………..


Some may be experiencing a few things repeatedly popping up (cycles, behaviours, patterns) lately.

It happens as just when you think you’ve healed, another layer will be uncovered to be healed & so the process goes on.

This week for me personally I’ve had 3 cycles popping up & they all had 1 thing in common.

The fact that i can’t stand to be tied down. Whether it be traditionally or socially. Don’t get me wrong, i do love my partner yet there are times when we aren’t able to communicate clearly with eachother (different wavelengths) & it causes friction (petty rows that seem to just go round in circles for 3hrs bickering. Mainly me trying to explain myself & him trying to be proven right – see what i mean about the miscommunication).

Don’t give me that shpeel of ‘all couples argue’.

I feel that phrase has been too normalised in society as a green card to normalise frequently arguing in relationships.

Make up.
Make up.
Calm for a while.

Then the circle continues.
On & on til you’re left feeling sick, tired & drained of the same old behavioural cycles.

Na, fuck that shit.

Negative cycles need to be broken so humanity can evolve.

Same aspect goes for money.

Get good grades at school.
Go to college.
Go to university.
Get into student debt.
Get a profession.
Get married.
Buy a house.
Have kids.
Work til late & see your kids for an hour before they go to bed if you’re lucky.
Work your arse off til your 70 & see your family on your 2days off a week.
Ask your employer for permission for holiday (30days a year in the UK).
Pay into a pension (if you’re lucky enough to still be alive at 70).
Work your arse off & your human life to pay taxes that the rich are tax exempt from.


Oh we’ll put your wages up & oh also increase the cost of living.

But are you actually living?.
Or are you merely surviving?.

Things would be so much simpler if we all brought a large acre of land & lived off it together in a community.

The amount of times I’ve said to my partner ‘let’s buy a campervan & just go’.

No council tax.
No rent.
No energy bills.

Our whole wages could be used for the family. Not given to “the cost of living”.

Yes, the old system is collapsing & certain individuals are panicking.

But those who are awake are aware that Great Mother Gaia is Evolving & Ascending. So the old system needs to collapse so the new system can evolve to benefit the many not just the few.

Humanity has been enslaved for millennia. Money has become the energy people all want (the root of all evil). Lockdown was the 1st time in a long time i actually saw people coming together & helping one another. Regardless of race, colour or creed.

Even Great Mother Gaia was looking radiant.

Now look around.

What do you see?.
Has humanity taken a step forward & evolved?.
Or have some stopped & halted their evolution?.

I remember being a kid & being told ‘don’t believe everything you see on tv’.
Never has that phrase rang truer than over the last 2years.

If anything being dictated what to do by the tv box has had the opposite effect on some individuals.

Some have followed the tvs advice. Whilst others have followed their own divine intuition & done the research for natural cures & natural immune system cures.

One things for sure.

I’ve seen alot more individuals come down ill who followed the tvs advice than those who didn’t.

And even now, 2years on, communication is a barrier.

They still can’t see.
They still can’t hear.
Many in a state of fear.

The tv has turned into a crutch & many refuse to do their own research.

Mention natural remedies & you get looked at like a nut job.

Ask yourself of those charities out there. Who have been around for so many years. Get donations in the millions each & every year……..

Where’s the cure?.

Where is it?.

It is neither here nor there.

A healed patient is a lost patient.

If I’ve got cash/change on me when I’m out & about I’ll give it to a homeless person. Than a cooperation. Because then i know atleast I’ve helped someone. I know the money has gone to that individual to buy food/drink. Even if they spunk it on a packet of fags. Atleast i know i helped someone.

You see, when we’re in the bubble of ‘service to self’ there’s no one there but us. Me, myself & I.

Yet when we step out of that bubble & become ‘service to others’ it shifts the dynamic thus shifting the collective consciousness of Humanity in the process.

I had a bee fly into my car earlier whilst driving.
I was worried it was gonna sting me but it just sat there on my car dash board.
I got it out of my car.
Took a few things in then went back outside with a small dipping sauce saucer of water for the bee.
The bee had gone ๐Ÿ˜”.
So now the saucer of water is sitting on my windowsill hoping other bee’s come & have a drink.
That small act of not finding the bee has upset me & i hope it’s ok.

Although growing up we were told to keep away from them ‘incase they sting you’. See what i mean about the instilled fear.

Ideally it should of been watch out for dodgy politicians who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Do you remember the smear campaign against the travelling community?. How much stick they got just for living free.

Not surprised many of them are well off. They had the common sense regarding the system long ago ๐Ÿ˜.

Anyway this blog has gone way off track.

Be kind to one another.
Yet set boundaries (your energy is precious & remember to call it back to you each night & let go of any energy which isn’t your own).

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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      I’ve just checked the subscription link & you’re right it isn’t working. I aim to fix the site over the next few weeks. Thank you for bringing the problem to my attention. โ˜†Katโ˜†


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