Evolve Poem 03/01/2023


How sombre & silent it is to be alone.
Where once a racing mind now treads alone.
Steady heartbeat.
Silent mind.
Slow & steady
Passes the time.

The silent whispers of one’s breath.
1 deep breath in & another left.
In the silence, comes one’s clarity.
No outside noises disturbing one’s inner peace.
A sacred moment.
Where mind & body become one.
No outside noise.
At peace we become.

The feelings of loneliness, gradually slip away.
The cosiness to hibernate, just one more day.
Sacred time to listen to both breath & beat.
No outside noise, that may disturb the peace.
Steady goes the beat of one’s heart
The calmness & clarity, as the mindfulness starts.
A wonderous feeling, it is to BE.
To turn off, to tune in & to focus on ME.

I used to fear being alone, now I fear losing myself in the mist of others emotions, thoughts, fears & tears.

This Winter hibernation, needed to happen you see.
As I AM slowly evolving, into Who I came here to BE.
Just as the trees, shed their leaves in Fall.

So too, must the evolution of the soul.
Just as the seasons change, so too do you renew.
Never fear letting go of the petals you once had.
A new bloom will grow, try not to be sad.

Life changes, so we can evolve.
Trust your journey & watch the miracles unfold.
Flow with the river, not against the current.
Remember to be mindful & observant.
Trust your intuition, you already know the way.
Tune in.
And trust.
Day by day.
The great oak never rushes it’s growth.
All rivers flow into the seam
It’s your time to shine.
BEautiful BEing.


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