Another Year Older Poem 30/01/2022

Another year older.
Another year wiser.
Although the past week, i felt like a failure.
So many times.
We compare our lives to others.
So many times.
We’ve raced eachother.
In truth the paths we take, are never ever straight.
They wind, they twist, they turn.
Sometimes the wrong choices, can leave a mental burn.
Sometimes we’re living it up, on a high.
Sometimes we hit rock bottom, with despair etched in our eyes.

I used to dread my birthday. With each turning of the year.
I used to feel like a failure, for not catching up with my peers.
Houses, careers & money well saved.
Mortgages started at a young-ish age.
Hours worked in an office to pay off taxes.
Loans & credit cards burned out, to their maxes.
Working a dead end job, to pay the bills.
Years wasted, working for rich fat cat shills.
The rich get richer.
The poor get poorer.
Tax breaks for the rich.
Never for the poor.
If you miss a payment, the bailiffs at your door.
A corrupt system made to hold you down.
Work you arse off, just to beat you back down.
Never to let you rise & achieve.
Always to keep you leashed.
To the poverty sleeve.

Enough is Enough.
The old system will fall.
A New Earth is Dawning.
With Peace, Love & Freedom for All.

I’ve always said………..

I didn’t come here just to pay bills then die……………


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