Reflection Poem 30/01/2022

After 30 odd years.
Finally happy in my own skin.
After all the stretch marks & the tears.
My body is beautiful & it’s perfect for me.
I’m embracing every past insecurity.
Size 12 -14, I’ve got a little wiggle on my hips.
Every little detail, is a reminder of the years.
Teeth aren’t straight, but i really don’t care.
Long gone are the days, changing the colour of my hair.
Rarely wearing make up, not keeping up with the trends.
I dress to impress myself, not random men.
Somedays I’ll lounge in pjs, rest & chill.
Somedays I’ll don the gym gear & get on the treadmill.
Most days you can find me in jeans & a T.
Silver hoop earrings & moonstone jewellery.
Lover of the Moon.
Admirer of the Sun.
Each decision i make, is never the same as the previous one.
Ever Changing.
Ever Evolving.
Day by Day.
Second by Second.
No one remains the same.
So many years I’ve wasted.
Trying to fit in.
Trying to be perfect.
Causing stress from deep within.
Other people’s opinions shadowing my own.
Feeling like a failure.
Feeling so alone.
Never daring to stand out & shining on my own.
The years have flown by.
My intuition has grown stronger.
I’ve embraced who i am.
No longer feeling like a loner.
My circle is small.
Less stress & drama.
Slowly sorting out past trauma & karma.
Setting myself free.
Free Spirit.
And finally just BEing me.
Seeing the beauty of my bare skin.
After washing the make up away.
Admiring the woman.
Looking back at me.
A rollercoaster of years of emotions.
Yet she still stands when many might of broken.
I’m proud of how far i have come.
And maybe one day my life story, might help someone.
Help them bloom & BEcome whom they’re meant to be.
Unleashed from their shackles, of insecurities.
Overthinking, anxiety & despair.
Let go of & released into the air.
A new day dawns.
A fresh new start.
Never the same person.
One was at the start.
Ever Changing.
Ever Evolving.
Each day stepping into, the woman I Am BEcoming.


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