Update Current Energies/Shift Blog 30/05/2022

Been meaning to write this for a while……….

The Shift IS Happening.

Some of you may be feeling like things are coming to an end.

You might be drifting apart from friends & family.

What you used to like doing, no longer makes you happy anymore.

You’re noticing how vibrant the colours of the clouds are, the pink blue & purple tones of the sky, the greener tones of the trees, how fresher the rain & wind feels against your skin.

Some might even be craving solitude as they can’t stand being around certain individuals. Due to feeling drained or noticing repeating circles.

Resting & sleeping more seems to be the craving at times.

Eating less or change in eating habits.

Craving more refreshing water than the usual tea, coffee & soda drinks.

OBserving your surroundings/conversations & how you react alot more. And ABsorbing others emotions alot less.

While some may see fear in the world, you have an inner knowing things will be alright. You haven’t got a clue how you know, you just have a deep feeling (divine guidance/intuition).

Some might have even experienced telekinesis with another person (both thinking the same thing at the same time).

Now as the energies are increasing, it’s important to look after yourself more.


Be mindful on where your energy goes (Remember where your focus goes, energy flows).

Rest when you feel to.

Eat when your body feels hungry.

Eat fresh organic food whenever you can.

Take vitamins (especially Vitamin D if you don’t get much natural sunlight where you are). If you don’t like pills, BetterYou do spray vitamins.

Holland & Barrett also sell them.

Look after your immune system.

Drink plenty of water (if you can’t stand water try a healthy smoothie).

Add some Pink Himalayan salt to food after you’ve cooked it.


So much is going on right now & alot is coming to the surface.

Ride the waves.

Know that you are loved & that you’re going to be ok.

No one said these times we’re currently in were going to be easy.

Keep going.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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