Anxiety-Overthinker Blog 31/05/2022

What anxiety feels like to me at times………….

I’m an overthinker.

Sometimes it’s a good trait.

Sometimes it can be an overbearing trait…………

9/10times i can’t seem to switch off/restless.

I’ve replayed past situations over & over in my head to see if i could of done things differently/better.

Sometimes i feel upset yet i don’t know why.

Crowds can make me feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Visiting family can sometimes make me feel uncomfortable/on edge (ever walk into a room & you can sense the energies?) Then you leave feeling bad when you arrived happy.

Sometimes i don’t wanna respond/talk, as i know some would rather have gossip than listen.

My mood changes around different people (if i fully trust you, you’ll see the happy go lucky me, others will think I’m shy, quiet or distant).

Sometimes i find it hard to get go (mainly other people’s opinions after years & years of hearing the same thing on repeat).

I find it hard to trust people as I’ve been betrayed in the past.

I find it hard to get close to new friends as I’ve never felt accepted & only a handful of school friendships have lasted.
(In truth i feel more closer to my soul sisters than some people I’m around most of the time).

I have a tendency to daydream alot, sometimes when I’m in a conversation my mind drifts elsewhere. Daydreaming is where i normally find my ideas to create.

I am Empathic so I’m pretty much a vibration detector πŸ˜….

Somedays i need solitude just to listen to the silence & focus on the stillness & rhythm of my beating heartbeat.

If somethings up, the first sign you’ll get is me ghosting you or a distant to the point attitude.

An overthinker normally has covered all bases (normally over exaggerating the situation ‘what if’ mentality). Sometimes it’s because we’ve been let down alot & think of the ‘worst case scenario’.

P.s sorry if this blog has gone off topic, I’m over tired today & could quite happily fall asleep in my car whilst I’m writing this πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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