Uncovering In Each Moment 26/10/2022

*I started this blog in the early moments of my day. If it goes off track slightly it’s because energies have shifted πŸ’–*

I’m having a bit of duality today.

Whilst the early moment walk was beautiful. I’ve also revisited a trigger from a few weeks ago.

It’s still simmering under the surface as there was a moment when I should of stood my ground & told someone to go & fuck themselves.

I remember having a chat to someone & them talking to someone else & referring to me as “She” whilst I was standing there present. I was looking down the road debating whether to say fuck your job as ‘She’ has had enough.

The conversation had started as I told *said individual* I was planning to put my notice in once a new job had come along. She didn’t seem to like it & tried to make me feel bad by saying “oh after I spent so long sorting things” then tried to make me feel guilty for looking for a new role due to leaving my colleague on her own.

The moment has reminded me to speak my truth in that moment.

I should have said in those moments…………

“I do have a name & you should know it as it’s on my contact of employment!. If you continue to disrespect me in that SHE manner, I can quite happily go home & then you can stay & do the work since you’re talking & referring to me like I’m not here.”

My point of this blog is I’m sure many of us may look back at certain moments from our past & think maybe we could of acted differently.

I guess in those moments it only lit a fire up my arse to find a new job & over the next few days I did & I’ve never felt so impatient in regards to putting my notice in.

I had an interview.
Then the next day I was chasing up the interview.
I accepted the job offer.
Then I put my notice in as soon as the call was over.

Adequate notice was given.

In these moments I’m actually glad I didn’t shoot the gun those few weeks ago. I kept my dignity & grace.

And it’s made me more aware of how I treat & respond to others. By the spiritual aspect of mirroring.

I know my worth & I won’t be disrespected by anyone. Those days of the shy wallflower are well & truly over.

However I know not to react like a raging bull in every battle that might come my way.

Who knew walking away could feel so good & freeing.

Granted I’ve stayed in a few situations in my life which I should of ran out of instead of staying & putting up with shit.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve also been the bitch in a few situations too.

Not many people have access to me these days only a select few.

Most days I’m either happily out & about for a walk/exploring or chilling at home with my houseplants in front of the TV or keeping active.

These last few weeks have shown me who I don’t want to be, how I don’t want to act & where I don’t want to be.

I’ve noticed quite alot whilst being silent & chilling by myself.

How I can go from being calm to then feeling uneasy around certain situations (picking up on energy which isn’t my own).

I’m more aware of what I attach my energy to (MY & I AM) linking & attachment wordings.

In these moments it’s quite freeing to acknowledge broken patterns/cycles/attachments.

I’m no longer holding on.

It’s like “Universe if this person is in my life, then they will be”.
However if they choose to leave, it’s cool.

Before the Summer, some may remember I experienced a hard time of letting go & focusing on myself.

This evolutionary layer/chapter has been very insightful & it’s also lit up areas within my own life which need changing, shifting & releasing.

I’ve uncovered some triggers & traumas. Yet I’ve also rediscovered some of my hidden strengths.

So as I stand in my Divine Feminine Sovereignty.

I feel grounded.
I feel lighter.
I feel free.

And as the evolutionary path continues, I aim never to lose myself (in negative vibes) I will feel them & then release them.

I know how I’m currently feeling is a stepping stone in uncovering, embracing & BEcoming Who I Came Here To BE.

So for the next few days I’m aiming to cocoon & cuddle upself up like a little fluffy cosy hermit (like wearing 1 of those oversized sherpa hoodies).

If it doesn’t bring me joy, if it’s not for my loved/close one’s, if it doesn’t resonate, if it doesn’t feel like high 5D love & light vibes.

I AM not doing it 😁

Who knew setting boundaries, having standards & loving yourself could be/feel so empowering πŸ’–

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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