The Lows & The Highs Blog 05/04/2023

As very few are aware (many may have noticed due to my silence on social media).

I had a few difficult days last week which ultimately came to the point which I stood in my Sovereignty & spoke my truth in front of a room of strangers & fought to be heard & seen.

I was told in a reading a few weeks ago about who I AM & in those moments, as my voice quaked as I spoke & the tears fell freely from my eyes. I knew who I was & I surrounded myself in Light throughout.

I drove to the place listening to Mortal Kombat (new theme) song as I gathered my strength & reminded myself Who I AM.

At the place I envisaged what had happened a few with prior with the Light Spiral. And I’d like to believe I left some light there for others to stand up & speak their truth.

I needed to be seen.
I needed to be heard.

It all happened 3days prior.
A sentence was spoken in a moment of anger & action was taken.
Action which lead to 3days of chasing (messages & phonecalls).
3days of separation.
Day 3 was when I put my feelings into a 2 & a half page paragraph.
Day 4 was when I stood in my power & spoke my truth.

I needed to be seen.
I needed to be heard.

As some may know. I hardly cry. But on day 4 (and those 3days prior). I allowed those tears to fall freely even in a room of complete strangers.

I wasn’t afraid of my face going red, my eyes going puffy or crying.

I was more concerned about not being seen & heard.

It solidified my relationship.

I gave up daydreaming, watching series’ on TV, wasting time on petty things.

My focus was solely on the outcome of Day 4.

The amount of times I spoke to the Universe those days & prayed for the outcome I seeked.

I knew what the outcome would be on day 2 as that’s when the Spiritual chills reminded me of Who I AM.

I then knew how I needed to proceed going forward.

I firmly believe had I not written out the paragraph, taken it with me & been at the place physically. Another outcome (one which I didn’t want) might have played out & that would lead to more heartache & separation.

I’ve been quiet these past few days as I was in battle mode & learning my power (to actually believe in Who I AM).

Since the outcome of day 4. I’ve been reconnecting with my partner & starting a new chapter.

Alot has changed in the space of 4days. I don’t feel the same as I once was.
I know Who I AM & I fully & wholeheartedly believe in myself.
I’ve been moving my body, dancing, healing myself & playing with my own energy balls of light (if you’re familiar with the term energy balls you’ll know what I mean. The practice is also used in Tai Chi).

Tonight I had a salt bath & reconnected with myself whilst looking at my hair dance in the water as I rested my 3rd eye on the surface of the water & slowed my breathing as I was so relaxed.

I spent 4days with cortisol running through my bloodstream as the tears fell freely from my eyes. My muscles ached from the stress which was etched into my skin from the tightening of emotions.

I’ve spent the last 3days on a dopamine & oxytocin high. And honestly I’m reluctant to come down. So I’m going to fully enjoy these moments as they unfold.

I know Who I AM.
I know I’m a force of Nature.
I know I’m a Sovereign Universal BEing.

And I fully believe in myself wholeheartedly.

And ultimately……..

I will never doubt myself again.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


One thought on “The Lows & The Highs Blog 05/04/2023

  1. What an incredibly moving blog Kat, I AM so proud of you darling – nothing more to say than YES!! πŸŒŸπŸ™πŸ»πŸŒŸ

    Much Love and blessings, always in Light

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