Dedicated To 6 Special Ladies Blog 14/08/2022

*I’m not sure if any of you BEautiful BEings will see this but i just wanted to let you know. I think about each of you & i hope your own journeys are going well. I feel many have been healing, shifting & transforming in solitude (i feel to say even mental solitude when around others). I feel this time of introspection was needed & some may be coming through the other side of the clearing at the forest edge (so to speak) & finding the path & way out of the woods (metaphorically).*

These past 2 nearly 3 months we’ve all been apart they have been an eye opener.

Just as mirrors show us what we need to see.
Cycles of my behaviour & patterns have been shown.

Some moments have been more painful than others.

But like 1 beautiful BEing said “our triggers become our treasures”.

I AM Grateful for you to have called me out on my bullshit.

I’ve realised & released so much baggage & behaviours in this period of time. Some that had been there for years.

The first month & a half i was in a cycle of sadness & loss. Yet i didn’t sweep how i was feel-in-g under the carpet or plaster over it (that behavioural pattern “just get on with it”) side stepping the popping up emotions.

I sat with it.
We chilled.
We spoke.
We felt.
We acknowledged.
And in time we released.

Like a layer coming off the chrysalis as we evolve at the centre.

I will never forget what each of you have taught me.

I carry alot less stones on my back.
I feel alot lighter & brighter.
I’ve let go & in doing so grown/evolved in each moment & each step I’ve taken.

I’m trusting the Universe more.
I’m trusting my inner knowing more as each moment passes.
I’m living & enjoying the peaceful moments & being more mindful of my reactions/responses.
Heart palpitations are brushed off now (like ‘oh hey dude, what’s up? Water? Sleep? Anxious? Or you just popping up to say Hiya?’) & alot less panicky.

I’ve honestly never been so focused & flowing with each breath i take.

So much gratitude.

I don’t lack, i attract =).

Relationships are getting alot better.
I know now i don’t have to respond to every conversation/situation that comes along.
I don’t need to rush anything or be anywhere on time.
My inner peace is paramount at present.
I’m enjoying being present in the moment & seeing the beautiful wonder.

*L* is talking more & she reminds me to have fun & smile.

I do miss you all & i know you’re on your own journeys working your beautiful magic & awakening others along the way.

In early June i hated the separation.
Yet as I’ve travelled along my path I’ve realised.
We came together.
We each awakened aspects in eachother.
We each hilighted, mirrored & uncovered aspects that needed to be shifted within each of us.
We each went through our own personal traumas, supported & encouraged to keep going.

Now we’ve gained our invisible wings & travel wherever our divine intuition takes us.

For me I feel I really needed this time for introspection.

I had to dig & delve deeper without the safety net of the Sisterhood I relied on for so long thus sapping energy by my repeated unbroken cycles.

I know as each Onion Layer pattern/behaviour/cycle is healed & cleared another 1 is uncovered.

I’m not scared of the process & i remember not to dwell there too long.

You’ve each taught me so much in the last years & a half. I will always be Grateful to each of you.

In moments when I’ve felt unsure, I’ve remembered your wisdom.

You will each hold a sacred & special place in my heart.

My love for each of you is there with open arms always. Full of love & hugs.

I’ve got 1 of your voices (from a previous chat months ago) coming through now “remember permission. If you wish to send healing someone they must be open to it. Otherwise you can send it to their consciousness & say they can use it where the energy is needed”.

Thank you for teaching me.
Thank you for guiding me.
Thank you for supporting me.
Thank you for lifting me up & holding space.
Thank you for genuinely listening.
Thank you for calling me out on my bullshit & showing me what needed to be sorted & shifted.

I AM Grateful to You.

Maybe 1 day our paths will cross again. I’ve learnt not to rush the Universe & trust in Divine Timing. Know you that you are always Loved & Cherished.

May Divine Love, Light, Abundance & Blessings shine on you wherever your feet take you.

I Love You.


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