2Min Pick Me Up Poem 26/12/2021

Oh weary & tired soul.
You’ve been through so much.
So much pain, frustration & sorrow.
So many tears you have weeped.
At times, you’ve found it hard to sleep.
Mind racing, unable to switch off.
Sometimes you’ve wondered, if you’re enough.
You go through phases, like the moon at night.
Sometimes you wonder, if you’ll win this fight.
Sometimes you shed, but a single tear.
And at other times, tears flow like a river.
You feel worn out.
You feel drained.
You’ve cried it all out, the inner pain.
Work out.
Anything to keep you focused.
Out of the anxiety mental state.
You release.
You flow.
You begin to cleanse your soul.
Free from the negative vibes that pin you down.
You rise from the muddy waters. You will not drown.
Keep going warrior.
You’re gonna make it.
After all life is how we create it.
You’re gonna make it through this.
Keep rising & find peace.
For each step counts & wonders never seize.
The path may not be easy.
The road may not be clear.
The stairs may seem steep.
But you will make it there.
You’ll look back one day & see how far you’ve come.
Look back at all the obstacles that you have overcome.
All those times you thought you wouldn’t make it through.
Check you out. Brave beautiful warrior you.
Keep on rising & shining bright.
You have the strength to make it through, each & every fight.
Every feeling can be flipped from negative to positive.
Keep on going.
You’re gonna make it…………….

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia i hope you have a blessed day/night.


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