Hey, Welcome Back Blog 21/05/2022

It’s weird that i knew the blog title before writing the blog πŸ˜†

Over the last few months I’ve had dreams.

Dreams where I’ve met people from my past.

Unawakened me years ago would see it as a sign to reach out to the person.

A majority of the time, it backfired & i found out that they didn’t need me.

However since my Spiritual Awakening Journey I’ve realised that…….

Sometimes people we encounter in dreams are actually messages.

For example………

I had a dream about 1Β  of my cousins lastnight. In the dream the cousin said they didn’t like me & in the dream i took offence. However i also remember saying to them in the dream that they didn’t know me.

I woke up & done a bit of research. I discovered that the dream meaning was that there was a part of my personality that i had struggled with. A part of me that i repressed for a long time.

In regards to the cousin years ago when we were growing up. We used to make songs up, listen to music videos & copy down the lyrics (Enrique Iglesias- Hero. Song springs to mind).

In the past i did reach out to the said cousin. Nope they didn’t need me & that’s cool.

I was also reminded of how at the beginning of the week i felt abit jealous towards someone. Thoughts of wishing i had what they had (a house).

I came to the conclusion about the dream…….

At some points in my life, someone might of been jealous of me (i was a spoilt brat during my childhood years & i remember a family member telling me a story of it).

I feel there’s a link to the dream & past old behaviour (possible shadow work/healing that needs to be done/looking into).

In the dream i was also singing (& I’ve forgotten the song πŸ˜…).

Coming forward………

I’ve also had dreams of people & i didn’t reach out.

I had a dream about someone a few months ago.

I didn’t reach out to them but i had a feeling that they might get back in touch soon.

I let the universe do as it does.

Funnily enough we got back in touch today.

I’ve healed a few aspects of myself (past & present) over the years/months & i feel I’m at that stage where i can heal others on their divine paths.

I know Who I AM.
I’ve Fully Embraced Who I AM.
And I AM ready to help/heal others.

There’s a saying that goes (pops into my mind)……..

Once a healer has healed themselves, they go onto heal others.

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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