Insight/Hindsight Blog 06/02/2022

*I feel i was guided to write this today. A loved one appeared in a dream lastnight. I have a feeling someone might need to see this. I could be wrong. Only take what resonates.*

Waking up from a dream where loved ones appear…..

Do you ever just sit & think……..

I wish you were here…….

That’s one of the things in life that hits the hardest.

Loved ones passing on.

I wish all of them were here. Not for me. But for my loved ones who really could do with support & guidance.

We all have that family member(s) who we instantly turn to in a time of crisis & doubt.
One(s) we know will have sound advice & guidance.
Sometimes we turn to them just as a shoulder to cry on & a listening ear.
No judgement.
No criticism.
Just love.
Sometimes we don’t want to talk or listen to anyone else other than that person.
It can be extremely hard to open up to anyone once that special loved one passes.
It’s hard at times when your barriers & boundaries are up all around you when you’re feeling fragile, vulnerable & depressed.

It’s like………..

During the day. You’re focused. You’ve got things to do & keep your mind busy. You work hard & find things to do to keep your mind off things & yourself busy. You’re pro active. You’re strong.

It’s during the night when everything hits you & thoughts start to keep in like lurking shadows slowly creeping in.
You can’t sleep.
You’re restless.
You can’t switch off & your mind races.
Regrets & failures slowly get brought back to the front of your mind.
Even past thoughts/feelings/memories from years ago suddenly reappear.
Some may try anything to switch off & go to addictions (smoking, alcohol, etc).
You’re thoughts & past/present mistakes are racing around in your mind & they are your own worst enemy.
They keep you awake at night & you long for that 8/10/12hour sleep period where you can just forget about everything & feel abit of peace.
A time where it takes you away from everything.
Like a vacation away from your thoughts & feelings.
Where you just shut off like turning off noise from a tv.

Then you wake the next day & handle your life.
People ask if you’re ok & you tell them you’re ‘fine’.
When inside you’re falling apart & you just want to cry & let everything out.
Like the flood gates of a dam breaking & a rush of holded up emotions are finally unleashed.
It’s not easy………
The extreme weight of emotions, thoughts & feelings you’re carrying.
Sometimes it may feel like you’re going to break from the weight & pressure from all that your carrying.

Weird how we ………
Can weigh so heavily on us.
When it’s our brain/mind that controls the body & every complex system within as well as without.

My point is………..

To change the direction of YOUR whole life.

It all starts with Your Thoughts.

Thoughts turn into Ideas.
Ideas turn into Actions.

Combined they change the whole course of your life.

Positive Morning Affirmations are amazing to boost your mood at the start of the day.

The power of……



I AM a Powerful Woman. I can handle anything.

Then there’s the night Affirmations.

I AM Peaceful.

Or you could try to list 5things you’re grateful for that day.


I AM grateful for this mornings beautiful sunrise.
I AM grateful for how i flipped a negative emotion to a positive one.

The same aspect works for planning your day too.

What are the 5things you want to achieve today?.
How do you want to feel today?.


Remember it’s ok to feel an emotion.
Some emotions/thoughts can feel like we’re holding onto hot burning rocks at times.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post about the RAR method i use.

When a negative emotion pops up……..


It’s easy to think……
Oh i don’t wanna feel that so I’m not going to.
Still doesn’t solve the problem as emotions are stored in the body & they can cause physical symptoms to manifest within the body.

Lack of sleep for example.

Racing emotions/thoughts/feelings that keep you up at night.
Lack of sleep.
Repeated pattern.
Becomes Insomnia.
Insomnia affects the rest of the body.
Less motivation.
Unable to concentrate at work.
Snaps at people.
Reach for caffeine coffee/tea fix.
Short sugar rush.
Then as blood sugar lowers you feel fatigued/drained.
Then it’s the same circle/cycle.

Take some much needed time to Nurture Yourself.

You’re Human.
You’re allowed to feel emotions (please don’t harm yourself or others).

You’re not who you once were (actions, thoughts & feelings).
We all make mistakes & the paths we take in life are never the straightest.

We Learn.
We Change.
We Evolve.

It starts with a positive mindset…………

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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