Last 2 Days Blog 24/03/2022

Over the last few days. I’ve been trying to break patterns & behaviour cycles. I felt triggered yesterday & it resulted in feelings & memories all flooding to the surface. I broke down, i cried. I ended up draining myself mentally & in the end came down with a mild fever, nausea & headache. IContinue reading “Last 2 Days Blog 24/03/2022”

Be Present In The NOW/Shadow Blog 23/03/2022

I was having a shower & the thought came to me……….. This NOW moment. Is the only moment that exists. The past is a memory.The future is a dream. Our emotions.Our feelings.Our reactions.Our actions.Our behaviour.The present moment we are in. This crucial moment…….. Can cause a ripple effect in how the rest of our day/nightContinue reading “Be Present In The NOW/Shadow Blog 23/03/2022”

Memories & Emotions Blog 23/02/2022

Everyone’s got a version of you in their head. You’ve even got a version if how you see yourself. Which most people don’t know about. The best thing is people sometimes don’t know who you really are. They might have memories of you, heard hearsay/gossip. Even someone really close to you doesn’t know 100% ofContinue reading “Memories & Emotions Blog 23/02/2022”

Insight/Hindsight Blog 06/02/2022

*I feel i was guided to write this today. A loved one appeared in a dream lastnight. I have a feeling someone might need to see this. I could be wrong. Only take what resonates.* Waking up from a dream where loved ones appear….. Do you ever just sit & think…….. I wish you wereContinue reading “Insight/Hindsight Blog 06/02/2022”

Rising New Day Poem 21/01/2022

Focused on the future…..Yet, remembering the past…..Growing.Changing.Evolving.Wondering how long a low moment will last?.Not who i used to be.1 step closer to, whom I’m yet to become.Back & forth between memories.Like bouncing from stepping stones. One by One.3steps forward, yet head looks back.Like looking at an imperfect crack.Flaws & faults.Mistakes & regrets.Will the mind everContinue reading “Rising New Day Poem 21/01/2022”

Lost Blog 16/01/2022

Hello Everyone. Sorry haven’t blogged in a few weeks……… I felt the urge to write today (hopefully it might help a few people). Sometimes in life we may feel lost & unsure which direction to go in. Like you’re stuck in the mud or life seems like groundhog day. Same stuff, different day. It’s goingContinue reading “Lost Blog 16/01/2022”

Leaving 2021 & Emerging Into 2022 Blog 31/12/2021

Sitting here. Reminiscing about the past year. Many will be thinking of their new year’s resolutions. Whilst i will be making a list of what i wish to release & also what i would like to bring in & evolve into the new year. The last few days I’ve been practicing Detachment. A situation poppedContinue reading “Leaving 2021 & Emerging Into 2022 Blog 31/12/2021”

Limbo Poem 27/12/2021

I’m sitting here crying.Even i don’t know why.Old emotions resurfacing.Overthinking as to why.Feeling the pain.As if it were yesterday.Nearly 10years ago.I still remember that day.An anniversary of heartache.Which i wish i could forget.Deep sadness & sorrow.Tied with longing regret.Hindsight a stalking, nagging bitch.Emotions flared with an anxious twitch.Why am i feeling this way?I do notContinue reading “Limbo Poem 27/12/2021”